Green Curtains Inspiration and Ideas

Green Curtains Inspiration and Ideas – Our Top 20 Recommendations

Green is known for being a calming, relaxing color, and it works perfectly for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices alike. From forest green through to light spring green, there’s a lot of choices out there – so, in this guide, we’ve compiled some of the best green curtains inspiration and ideas for you to look at.

Here are 20 ideas for green curtains:

Plain Green Curtains

You can get plain green curtains in a variety of shades, from pale spring green through to deep forest green – so no matter what color scheme you want to go for, you should be able to find something that suits you.

These are great against both plain walls and patterned wallpaper, which makes them a versatile choice. They’d work well in any room of the house – from bedrooms to living rooms to dining rooms.

Green Palm Leaf Curtains

These green palm leaf curtains will bring a tropical vibe to your home no matter where you live! They look modern and fresh and would work well against plain white or off-white walls. They have several shades of green, making them versatile in terms of color matching. They look great in a room with houseplants, too.

While these particular curtains look light, they’re actually capable of blocking out light, making them a good choice for bedrooms. They’d look great in a living room or dining room, too.

Delicate Floral Green and White Curtains

These delicate floral green and white curtains are pretty and bring a splash of green into the room in a subtle way. You can pick up the green in other areas of the room – for example, in cushions, lamps, or a rug. They work well against different wall colors, including neutrals and various shades of green.

These would make pretty curtains to spruce up an office or a guest bedroom – they’re light and pretty without drawing too much attention in the room.

Green Velour Curtains

If you want a dramatic look, these green velour curtains are a good choice. Velour looks striking in any color, and this bottle-green shade is modern and fresh. As they’re quite plain, they look great against patterned wallpaper as well as plain walls, but they’re striking, adding texture and warmth to your living room or dining room.

Plus, you can pick up the color by going for matching cushions, or go for a patterned rug with the same shade of green.

Sheer Green Chevron Curtains

These sheer green chevron curtains are pretty and delicate and add a bit of visual interest to the room thanks to the pattern. Sage green is a calming shade, ideal if you want a calming environment – they would be great in an office, for example.

They’d look great against plain walls, including grays and neutrals, or you could go for off-white or sage green to match.

As these are sheer, they won’t block out the light, so you could pair them with blinds if you want to use them in a bedroom.

Bottle Green Print Curtains

If you’re after an eye-catching feature for your living room or dining room, these bottle green print curtains are a great choice. They’re luxurious and vibrant, bringing a touch of glamour to your decor, and there are several shades besides the rich bottle green to choose from – you could go for yellow or red touches throughout the room to match.

As these are very bold, they’d work well against plain, neutral-colored walls – putting them against patterned wallpaper may look a little too busy, and may draw attention away from the curtains themselves.

Green Floral and Paisley Curtains

Paisley is always popular, and these green floral and paisley curtains are no exception. They’re fresh and pretty to look at, and the sage green is a pretty color. You can go for green walls to match or go for a darker neutral shade, as the picture above shows.

These curtains would look great in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Bear Trail Lined Curtains

If you want something cute and eye-catching for your kitchen, these Bear Trail Lined Curtains are a great choice. They create a visual point of interest in the room, and they’re ideal if you like the Scandinavian look.

They have a couple of shades of green, which opens up more choices in terms of color matching.

Green Dinosaur Print Curtains

Every kid loves dinosaurs! These green and blue dinosaur print curtains are great for boys and girls alike. They’re fun and vibrant for kids to look at, and you can match them against neutral, green, or blue walls.

These dinosaur curtains are easy to match – you can grab dinosaur prints, toys, and cushions to create a super cute themed room.

Sage Green and Cream Patterned Curtains

These sage green and cream patterned curtains are pretty and subtle – they’re eye-catching without being too ‘in-your-face, and they’re ideal paired against an off-white or plain sage green wall. They’re perfect for adding a bit of texture to your living space, and they work well if you want a pattern that isn’t too ‘feminine.

They’d work ell in living rooms and dining rooms, as well as bedrooms – these particular curtains are blackout curtains, meaning they can block the light effectively if you want to get some sleep.

Sage Green Bubble Curtains

If you want an eye-catching alternative to stripes or floral prints, these bubble-patterned curtains are a great choice. Perfect for bedrooms, these are great for blocking out the light, and the sage green is a particularly calming, relaxing color.

Plus, you have the option of color matching with the darker shades in the bubble print. They’d work best against a plain wall in a neutral shade, like off-white or light grey.

Botanical Print Green Curtains

These botanical print green curtains are a great choice if you love green, but want to introduce it to the room in a subtle way. With a variety of shades from light green through to a deeper blue-green, you have a lot of choice in terms of color matching, which is handy. They look great against a neutral wall, as pictured above, but they’d also look great against any shade of green.

They’re quite busy, so would look better against a plain wall. They’re calming and relaxing, so would be great in a living room, bedroom, or office.

Seafoam Pom Pom Curtains

These light, pretty pom pom curtains are a delicate shade of seafoam green – they’re almost a blue-green, and they give a light, relaxing, airy vibe to any living room or bedroom. They’re sheer, so they will require blinds if you want to use them in a bedroom and you need to block the light out.

They’d look great in a room with a lot of natural light, against a plain white or off-white wall.

Color Block Green and Camel Curtains

These color-block green and camel curtains are perfect if you like the look of plain green curtains, but want a bit more visual interest. The rich sage green is very pretty, and would look great against lighter walls – you could go for any kind of neutral color and it would look great. You can pick up the sage in other areas of the room, for example, cushions or lamps.

These curtains look great at a slightly longer length, as it makes for a dramatic, eye-catching look. They’re perfect for living rooms or dining rooms.

Green Check Curtains

Check remains popular after all these years, and these green check curtains are cozy and comforting. They’re perfect for living rooms or dining rooms, and the splash of gold makes them look warm and inviting. You can pick up the green and gold in other areas of the room, too.

Mossy Green and Brown Curtains

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you might like these mossy green and brown curtains. They’re dark, rich, and eye-catching – you’ll need plenty of light areas around them to contrast against them, so they’d look better against a light gray or off-white wall.

These curtains make a dramatic eye-catching feature in living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

Green and Blue Stripe Curtains

Stripes are a classic choice. These blue and green striped curtains are bright and colorful, ideal for bedrooms, offices, or living rooms. You can pick up these different shades throughout the room in other soft furnishings.

These curtains are also great for kids’ bedrooms, brightening up their bedrooms without being too ‘babyish’ for older children.

Sunflower Print Curtains

These sunflower print curtains are unusual – they’re pretty without being too ‘feminine’, and they’re bold and dramatic without being too dark. They work well in living rooms or bedrooms, against darker walls – you could go for the same forest green in the sunflower print, or go for grays or darker neutrals.

They look great in a longer length, as it creates a dramatic ‘sweeping’ look.

Apple Green and Gold Geometric Curtains

These light apple-green and gold geometric patterned curtains are pretty and eye-catching without being too intrusive to look at – if you want something that adds some texture without being the main focal point in the room, these are a good choice. You can pick up the gold in other areas of the room, for example in lamps or door handles, and the apple green is a delicate shade that matches well with neutral walls.

They’re ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms – they’d work well anywhere!

Bottle Green Ribbed Curtains

These bottle-green ribbed curtains are bold and striking. They are ribbed, which give some subtle texture, making for a cozier living room or dining room. They’re perfect if you want a rich green color, and you can pick up the color in other areas of the room nicely.

They work well against pale neutral walls, or you could go for full drama and pair them with a dark wall (as pictured above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about green curtains:

Question: What colors go with green?

Answer: Complimentary colors to match green include yellow and pink (if you love pops of color), or pale neutrals like off-white and light grey.

Question: How can I create a cozy green-themed living room?

Answer: One thing to focus on is lighting – have several lamps, candles, or fairy lights to create soft lighting in the evening, as opposed to harsh overhead lighting. Ideally, you should work with the kind of natural light your room provides. Rooms flooded with natural light can go with light or dark furnishings, while rooms with smaller windows and not much natural light could do with lighter colors to create a bright, calm living space.

You can also add texture – for example, ribbed green curtains, cushions with pom poms, and large cozy knit blankets.

Question: Do I need blackout curtains for bedrooms?

Answer: Not necessarily. Blackout curtains are great if you find yourself disturbed by the sunrise in the morning, and they’re particularly good for younger kids if you find they wake up too early every day. If you want to block the light out a bit more, you can add blinds underneath.

Conclusion: Which Green Curtains Inspiration and Ideas Are Right for You?

We hope this has helped you to find the best green curtains for you! There are so many options out there, so hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your next home decorating project.

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