Best Tie Up Curtain Ideas Guide

How to Find The Best Tie Up Curtain Ideas: Buying Guide

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Do you have a room in your home that has excellent windows but is lacking in the light? Or maybe it’s just not as bright as other areas of the house. If so, then you’re probably looking for ways to brighten up this space. One way to do this is by adding curtains. 

If you are trying to figure out how much fabric or what material you need for your window treatments, our best tie up curtain ideas guide will help. 

This blog post discusses the different types of tie-ups and their benefits, plus general rules on how much fabric should be ordered. So whether you want to make an instant change with new curtains or introduce some texture into your living space with a tapestry curtain panel – we’ve got something for you.

What Are Tie Up Curtains?

Tie Up

The tie-up shade is a style of window treatment that has been around for centuries. It’s made by attaching strings or ties to curtains so you can raise and lower them at your convenience, giving any room in the house an instant makeover with just one touch. 

The most common way this type of shade operates on homes today is through corded fabric panels attached near both ends; these elasticized string-like materials have equally wide bands located across their width, which create beautiful folds when pulled apart like concertina boards you’ll need two per panel. 

These versatile pieces come complete with many different styles—some will only use ribbons while others prefer clips, but either works excellent–allowing homeowners much more freedom.

Tie-up shades are a perfect way to dress up any room in your home. They can be used as stand-alone treatments, like valances and swags, or make a practical paneling without any top treatment paired with another decorative element such as pillows on one side for some extra flair.

Best Tie Up Curtains: Our Top Picks

Our review features the most durable, elegant, affordable, and versatile tie-up curtains.

NATUS WEAVER Tie Up Curtain: Best Overall Tie Up Curtain

Weaver Curtains

The NATUS WEAVER tie-up curtain is perfect for your bedroom or living room, with its thin gauze fabric that won’t block out all the light. 

The buffalo check pattern on this curtain is woven of 100% cotton and measures 42-inches wide by 54-inches long. Sturdy construction features a greyish-blue base color and white checks overlaid – it urges you to create a classic color palette for your home decor.

There’s plenty of stylish choices to satisfy any taste: pair our natural beauty product with other items from our Buffalo Check Collection (pillow cover, placemat, etc.).


  • It is easy to install
  • It matches easily with other home decors
  • It is durable


  • Customers have complained of its plaid not lining up

PONY DANCE Tie Up Curtains: Best Solid Patterned Tie-Up Curtain

Pony Dance Curtains

Give your windows grandeur and elegance with the PONY DANCE Tie Up curtains. Made of innovative triple weave fabric, this window treatment can block out 60-75% light and 100% UV rays for privacy, convenience, and protection. 

With inside tie-up shades at about 1/4 length from the top, decorate your windows with elegant ties to adjust the curtains’ length easily. These imported panels measure 46″W by 63″L. The width fits a 42″ max window – these curtains cannot be fully unfolded due to the grommet top

The curtains are designed using a clean, modern minimalist style. Their function can be stylized with beautiful ties or without them. Pairing beautifully with virtually any home decor, these tie-up shades would make an excellent addition to bedrooms and kitchens alike.


  • Its fabric has a luxurious feel
  • It matches easily with other home decors
  • It is rich in color
  • It is perfect for blocking light


  • Customers have complained that the measurements of the curtains are not accurate. 

Tie Up Tier Curtain: Best Budget Tie Up Curtain

Tie up Curtains

Vangao’s Tie-Up Tier curtain is an affordable and elegant eye-catching drape for your windows. Quality fabrics include a light-reducing fabric that will take away the intense sunlight that can cause eye strain. 

The wide, 100% exact color on both sides fabric has a lovely drape and comes in many other fashionable colors as well. Two adjustable ties allow you to secure this tie-up tier curtain to any window frame at the height of your choosing. 

Combine it with coordinating curtains from Vangao or couple them with accessories such as sheer linen tendril top valances for different looks throughout the home. Spice up your interior décor by adding these tiers curtains today.


  • It is easy to hang
  • It has an elegant look
  • It is long-lasting


  •  Customers have complained of its fabric being too thick

Jinchan Moroccan Printed Tie Up Shade Curtains: Best Polyester Tie Up Curtain


The jinchan Moroccan Printed Tie Up shade curtains are the perfect fit. Printed in different blue shades, these navy tie-up shade curtains can create a subtle ambiance while giving you the light control you need for bedtime. 

Made to last with durable linen blend fabric, flax linen blend textured blue curtains add texture to any room – making them an attractive accessory for your home. With long-lasting quality and accessible care features, these thermal insulated curtains will make a noticeable budget difference by preventing sunlight and draft from getting into your house.

These sheets will keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Easy to clean and term-time resistant, these linens are worth every penny of their cost.


  • It offers enough privacy
  • It is built to last
  • Its fabric is of good quality


  • Customers have complained about receiving the curtains in colors that they didn’t expect.

DriftAway Adrianne Tie Up Curtain: Best Premium Tie Up Curtain

Drift Away

Add a touch of class to your home or office with one of these window coverings. With this lovely Curtain Shade, you’ll find the perfect combination of style and functionality. As easy as tying up, just slip it over the top rungs of an open-top curtain rod so that it hangs neatly in place. 

The Polyester fabric is made of innovative triple weave fabric construction (240gsm), which filters sunlight for better temperature regulation within the room while ensuring an elegant look and feel to match your decor. 

It also features light-reducing properties for better sleep during those days when “the sun stops shining” too early. Enjoy a stylish addition to your windows without sacrificing cleanliness or quality because our DriftAway Adrianne Tie Up curtain shade can be easily machine washed.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It ties up beautifully
  • It has a long-lasting, heavy fabric

Eclipse Blackout Tie-Up Curtain shade: Best Blackout Tie Up Curtain

Eclipse Blackout

The Eclipse blackout tie-up curtain is guaranteed to block out all of the light. It’s the perfect curtain for blocking out unwanted noise, like sleeping babies or noisy neighbors! The foam backing on this tie-up shade helps muffle sound while providing comfort and energy savings even when it’s sunny outside.

This stylish option has a black cord that provides easy installation without sewing. A single rod pocket cover with 63″ of fabric gives you ample coverage up high but still looks chic enough for any décor style in your home.

The sheath style of this dress will keep you shrouded in its mystery. The 16″ extended top portion is perfect for hiding’ away, while the 10 inches lower part can be tucked or pleated at your discretion- depending on how much coverage you need.

How You Can Install Tie Up Curtains

Tie-up curtains can be installed inside the frame next to your glass or hung across it. If you have small windows and want more light in them, then install them along with a panel above or below these slots for architectural detailing; however, if there’s not much wall space available at the side of the window, go ahead and hang curtains instead. The trick here is finding what looks best on your home–so experiment until they’re just right before committing yourself permanently.

For a more modern look, you can change the fabric of your curtains from traditional window treatments to something sleek and modern. For example, by using looping or sewing tapes onto panels to stick up higher than before without limiting how much cloth may be raised when raising blinds in windows with rods that have loops for tying down shades instead. First, find what type/style is right for you, then decide where each rod assembly will go.

Tie-ups are available as ready-made panels, tops, and sets in many designs with the option of custom design. This curtain style will work for any decoration you have.

How to Style Tie Up Curtains

Drift Away Curtains

Consider Going Monochromatic

For those looking for a new change in how your home looks, it’s time to invest in a monochrome design. The trend shows no signs of going away and can be paired with either modern or traditional furniture depending on what style embodies that particular space best.

Furniture pieces such as ties-up curtains will help create an elegant tone while mixing texture adds depth making everything cohesive from wall colors down to flooring choices. Match them accordingly by using lighter shades because they go easier on camera even though not necessarily preferred.

Try Thick Tie Up Curtains

Blackout tie-up curtains are a great way to make your room easier on the eyes and skin. These heavy drapes provide more privacy than sheer fabric because they block out all light, making sleeping much better for those with sensitivity or breakouts that don’t want it too bright when trying to sleep at night.

Tie up black-out curtains come in colors like grey, white & even natural fabrics, so there’s an option that fits any taste bud imaginable–even if you’re not into traditional standards of beauty, thick blackouts give everyone their chance.

Place Your Tie Up Curtains Closer to The Ceiling

Pure white

No matter how much space you have, it’s possible to make the most of your living room with these simple and easy-to-find hacks. For example, if curtains are too far away from a window, they will never look high enough for their height – but just move them closer or mount some hooks right above a head level; now everything looks like loftier ceilings. 

Place pillows around furniture so people can sit down without climbing stairs; throw out old clothes instead of donating them because who wants an armful when visiting friends? And don’t forget about painting those bare walls white as they’ll stand out brightly against any color palette, which means less clutter.

Pool Your Tie Up Curtains

An easy way to create an effortlessly stylish look is by hanging your tie-up curtains, so they puddle two or three inches on the floor. It will make for a stunning effect in even more sophisticated spaces without having all that pesky hardware needed when using drapes with pooling styles. 

To achieve bohemian style DIY-style, simply let them fall onto carpeted surfaces that are at least 2″ thick before lowering from their rod rings and hanging there as well – just keep track of where you put each hook since things get pretty crowded quickly if not careful.

Consider Matching Your Tie Up Curtains to the Wall Color

If you’re aiming to achieve the most stunning effect, consider matching your tie-up curtains with either lighter or darker tones. A great way of making this look deliberate is choosing a specific shade identical to one on the wall for an understated beauty element and complete elegance in every possible sense.

A successful match will give off just enough light without being too flashy, which creates depth as well; all we need now are those perfect colors.

Factor to Consider When Buying Tie Up Curtains

Black Tie Up Curtains


When shopping for tie-up curtains, there are two necessary measurements to take. The first is the length of fabric needed to cover a particular window or wall space; it should include any extra material required that will be used to make pleats along each side.

The second thing you’ll want is an accurate measurement from floor level up high where both ends meet so as not to end cutting into anything with our trim rings when hanging them correctly at their highest point within your room’s height limit.

Color Preferences

It’s essential to choose a tie-up curtain that compliments the overall style of your room, particularly what you have on either side. For example: suppose there are solid colors or patterns in an otherwise neutral-colored space like brightly-colored walls. In this case, statement tie-up curtains will do well because they’ll stand out against them instead of blending in to their surroundings too much and complicating matters with clashing hues.

But if all things are white or cream – say an all simple background such as offwhite linen sheets, for instance-, then adopting this same approach won’t work since those two cannot blend.


Tie up Floral Curtain

It’s essential to consider the function of your tie-up curtains before you buy them. If they will serve as a privacy measure and block out light, then heavier fabrics such as velvet are what you should go for. 

If not, make sure there are sheer panels or decorative material that lets plenty through without disrupting any natural sunlight coming into the room from window/doorways. These types have been designed mainly with aesthetics in mind rather than functionality (unless it has something like blackout lining).


One of the most critical factors you’ll consider when choosing your tie-up curtains is cost. You can base this decision on all kinds of things, including size (the width and height), color, or style – but don’t forget that price should also be considered. 

There are plenty in-between options available for both affordable prices and luxurious ones if needed, so make sure not to let an expensive price tag stop any from finding their perfect fit just because they’re tight on cash right now.


There are many different kinds of fabrics you can choose from when choosing your tie-up curtains. Linen, silk, and faux silk all make excellent materials for window treatments because they hang better than other types like velvet or tapestry fabric; however, one type will have an even more significant impact on how well your curtains function over time-its weight. 

Suede cloth helps block light by keeping heat inside due to its thickness. In contrast, tweed offers protection against cold air at only a slightly higher cost in terms of warmth retention ability, although this varies depending upon what season.

Determine Whether Your Tie Up Curtains Are Machine Washable or Dry Clean Only

White Tie Up Curtain

Determine whether you want your curtains to be dry-cleaned only or machine washable. Machine cleaning can save money in the long run. But keep in mind that not all fabrics are meant for machines, and trying to do so could ruin high-quality material – this would cost more than just paying someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Check the material washing instructions to determine the kind of maintenance required for your tie-up curtains.

Tie Up Curtains FAQs

Question: How Do You Make a Tie Up Curtain?

Answer: To create a valance, you will need some sewing skills and materials. Begin by finding something that is long enough for your window treatments (a curtain or fabric). Next, take two strips of ribbon about 8 inches wide each; match up the colors on opposite sides, so they are attached in pairs at one end only – this acts as an anchor point when tying off the following steps below.    

Carefully pin them together along the lengthwise grain until both ends meet evenly spaced apart across the width, then sew using a heavy-duty zigzag stitch.

Question: How Wide Should Tie Up Curtains Be?

Answer: You may have heard that if you want your tie-up curtains to look good, the window size should be at least two times as wide and high. This is because they will fill out better when displayed in an open space like a room or hallway instead of just hanging them closed without any breadth behind it as sheers can get narrow.

Question: How Long Should Tie Up Curtains Hang Below the Window?

Answer: The best way to make your window look taller is by installing tie-up curtains and hanging them between four and six inches above the frame. This will give you an extra height that can enhance how big or spacious a room looks.

Question: Can You Use Long Tie Up Curtains on Short Windows?

Answer: Hanging a long tie-up curtain on a short window is one of the easiest ways to make it seem like such an essential part of your home. The correct design and length will minimize poor style while hinting that you’re looking at something much grander than what’s there.

Question: How Often Should You Replace Your Tie Up Curtains?

Answer: You can have summer or winter ones depending on how often you want them changed. We recommend changing out those old tie-up covers at least twice per year for optimal performance and hygiene purposes; it is essential that all areas around windows are regularly cleaned as well, so don’t forget about these corners too when washing down surfaces within reach height or higher. 

Question: Can Tie Up Curtains Be a Few Inches From the Floor?

Answer: It’s essential to consider the height of your windows when hanging tie-up curtains so that you can maximize their visual appeal. For example, standard ties typically only hang about a half-inch from the floor up towards window trim and average ceiling heights; however, for rooms like libraries or dens with higher ceilings letting walls determine how long panels are will make them seem even longer.


If you’ve been looking for some inspiration to spice up your bedroom or living room, we have the perfect solution. Tie-up curtains are a great way to add color and pattern without making any permanent changes. 

The above post will help guide you through picking out tie-up curtains that suit your needs and style preferences based on different factors such as size, color, design, and more. 

We recommend NATUS WEAVER Tie-up curtains because they are easy to install and match easily with other home decors. 

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