How to Shorten Cordless Mini Blinds

How to Shorten Cordless Mini Blinds

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Cordless mini blinds are an easy way to make different rooms in your house feel like they have their unique style. 

However, sometimes cordless mini blinds can become too long and take up space that could be used for other things. If this is the case for you, it’s time to learn how to shorten cordless mini blinds

If you want to know more about our tips on how to shorten cordless mini blinds, keep reading below.

What Are Cordless Mini Blinds?

Cordless Mini Blinds are an excellent choice for those who want the freedom to move throughout their home. Unlike corded blinds, these lightweight and easy-to-use mini versions are perfect in any room without worry about tangled cords. Simply grasp on the bottom rail of aluminum slats with one hand while tilting up or down using the thumb as needed; push up when finished at the desired height, then pull back down again – voila: no more dealing with heavy-duty pulleys.

Common Types of Cordless Mini Blinds

You may have noticed a lot of variety in cordless mini blinds, but they all work based on three main types: wood-crafted designs, vinyl creations with faux wooden looking, and lastly, ones made from cloth fabric. 

The only determining factor between them is their material source–and even this has some variation depending on what you’re looking for! Shortening these sleek window coverings doesn’t change too much at first glance, though, because each type requires the same process regardless of whether it’s natural or synthetic fibers being used.

You should always keep your eye out when purchasing new blinds as various manufacturers offer mixed styles, so be sure to take note before buying anything expensive.

How to Shorten Cordless Mini Blinds

There are many ways to shorten your cordless mini blinds without power tools. All the necessary equipment can be found in any home if you know where to look! For example, with just scissors and pliers, all of these projects come together quickly: 

You’ll need a flat-head screwdriver for attaching components while also removing them from their sockets on other pieces; sticky tape or push pins work well when applying tension as they provide more control than nails would due to its large surface area that contacts fabric at once (though not much force is needed). 

And don’t forget about everything else we’ve talked about before–that staple gun might come up again. It’s time to get your bright and sunny on with these cordless mini blinds. Follow our quick guidelines, and then you’ll be able to shorten those curtains in no time.

1. Start by Measuring the Height of Your Window

It’s essential to measure the length of your window so that you know just how high and wide mini-blinds will be. These small slats can make a massive difference in terms of privacy, as well as draft control.

2. Prepare the Mini Blinds for You to Determine Its Length

Mark the window casing at a height that will allow you to place mini-blinds. Leave room for error by placing guides on both sides and marking them accordingly with an “x” or pencil dot between each direction where it meets another piece of wood to indicate precisely which side goes up.

3. Take Off the Rail Plugs

The complicated part about this process is taking out the plastic rail plugs. If you’re lucky, your mini blinds come with ladders that have three strings, and these can be pulled to access their lift cords without much work.

4. Lift-All Cords and Pull Upwards

The cords are connected to the slats by a black and white eye-like symbol. The Knot is used for tying up loose ends or preventing things from getting away. Get rid of this knot when finished with it because you don’t want any more strings poking out between your blinds as that would ruin their beauty plus, never tie yourself into knots.

On either side of each cord, there’s an X where they meet; make sure these cross over so nothing gets caught on anything while raising them–just pull upward until one end comes free.

5. Slightly Slide and Remove All the Slats

The bottom rail of a ladder can be slipped out to provide better access for blinds slats. Now, remove the number of extra ones you need and slip them off one by one until they come up quickly enough from their slots, with room on either side for more if needed.

6. Return the Bottom Rail

Take your cordless mini blind and measure out the desired length. Once you have that, put it back under all of those remaining slats until there’s only one left in front with enough room for whatever material or width is needed at each side – then remove those unused sections.

7. Return the Lift Cords

To avoid making an eyesore of your mini-blinds, tie a new knot at the end of each cord. And if you’re not sure about where it should be placed? Use this handy measuring tape and ensure they are in place before hanging up those gorgeous cordless mini blinds.

8. Change the Rail Plugs

When you’re done for the day, make sure that all three rail plugs are in their proper positions before hanging up your mini-blind. Try opening and closing it as well as raising or lowering it, so everything works smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shortening Mini Blinds

Question: Can You Make Mini Blinds Shorter?

Answer: Window coverings are a great way to add style and functionality. Mini-blinds offer the same benefits but with increased ease of installation that makes them perfect for renters or people living in small spaces like apartments.

Question: How Does a Cordless Blind Work?

Answer: Window coverings are a great way to change up the look of your home, and Mini-Blinds can be purchased for any window in just seconds. These lightweight blinds come with an attached cord that allows you to pull them down when needed, but they’re also short enough so as not to take too much space on shelves or other areas around window sills.

Question: Are Mini Cordless Blinds Worth It?

Answer: Cordless blinds are an excellent choice for those homeowners who have normal-sized windows. This is especially true in homes with young children and pets where cords can pose serious safety hazards. With no visible wiring on your window, these cordless models will look clean without being messy or taking up too much space, which makes them perfect if you’re looking to decorate while also making sure everything stays put.

Question: Are Mini Blinds Repairable?

Answer: Mini blinds are also known as 1” blinds, horizontal shutters, or vinyl covers. They’re pretty easy to fix and can be repaired with a few common repairs, including replacing the broken tilt mechanism on your window treatments (if you have this problem), restringing them for more security against wear-and-tear over time, or just getting new clips so that they fit right.

Question: How do you Keep Cordless Mini Blinds Dust- Free?

Answer: This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by saving you time and energy! Just mix up some liquid dish soap, turpentine in hot water. Then add fresh, clean clothes for 8-10 hours before letting them air dry or simply mixing 1 cup lemon oil into 2 cups of warm water (which will also eliminate any pesky smells).

Saturate the fabric, then wring out excess moisture, so they’re nice and fluffy when done soaking viola. Now, all we need are our cleaning tools because they’re always dishes waiting at home.

Question: What is the Easiest Way of Washing Mini Blinds?

Answer: If you need to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt on your blinds, try this tip. First, take off the window coverings so they can dry out properly from water treatments; then, fill a tub or sink about halfway with warm, sudsy water combined with dish soap (a natural cleaner). Add in some baking soda for extra scrubbing power! 

After soaking up all those yucky grime particles, let them hang around a while longer before rinsing thoroughly under running hot tap water until it runs clear without any residue left behind. At this point, simply wipe away excess dust as needed with soft cotton.

Question: How Do You Fix Cordless Mini Blinds That Won’t Stay Up?

Answer: If the shade doesn’t stay up, it could be because of a loose spring. Pull down on each side until you can turn the roller several times with a flat end sticking out slightly; if springs are too slack or stiff, then just adjust accordingly by rolling them in opposite directions while lifting the frame pin at the top and pushing back into place to make sure everything fits correctly before throwing away old brackets.


As you can imagine, cordless mini blinds are an excellent option for those who have a lot of windows and want to control their light without cords getting in the way.

If you’re worried about how long they will be after installation, don’t be! There are plenty of tips on how to shorten them so that they fit just right into the window frame. We hope these tips on how to shorten cordless mini blinds were helpful.

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