About Us

As homeowners who love to decorate, we want your home to be the haven of rest it’s intended to be. That means buying only the highest quality, most beautiful window treatments this world has to offer. They make your home even more beautiful than it already is and can also increase energy efficiency.

But it can be overwhelming finding the right blinds and curtains for your windows. From size and color to length and material, there’s a lot to consider. And then you still have to worry about installing them. Too often, people choose the wrong window treatments for their home, and they end up looking out of place or not fitting quite right.

No matter who you are or where you live, our experienced team can guide you with all the information you need.

Just Blinds ‘n Curtains will help you find the best wooden blinds, elegant curtains, or functional shades. We can help you decide which colors, fabrics, or designs will bring your room together or let just the right amount of light in while still maintaining privacy. You’ll be able to admire your curtains while still enjoying plenty of natural light.

Your home should be peaceful and relaxing, so our goal is to help you make the most of that perfectly-placed window so that you can let light in, save on your energy bills, and maintain the privacy your home is intended to provide. We have extensive guides on all kinds of window treatments that solve a plethora of problems.

How this works

We install and use products for months at a time to create fair and honest reviews. It’s important when reviewing a window treatment to use it in sun and rain, cold and hot, dark and light, and everything in between.

We can’t base our review on how a particular window treatment performs when it’s dark and rainy but fail to analyze how it works while the sun is shining bright.

This is the approach we take to every review, comparison, and roundup we write. Our goal is to give you the information you need before you invest in something that simply won’t work for you.

We want your home to be perfect in every way and an accurate reflection of you. That means you should save your money for the most useful product in your life to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Our multi-step review process changes based on the product, but in general, we follow a few simple steps for consistency:

  1. We see a product we want to try or someone recommends something to us. We purchase the product and install it ourselves. We don’t accept free or discounted products or services from manufacturers. This keeps our reviews totally unbiased.
  2. Depending on the product, we test it in a variety of situations. That means mounting it over different types of windows that face many different directions, and figuring out how it affects the way the room looks and feels in all types of weather, day and night.
  3. While we test the item, we keep a detailed log of our experience and how it’s working.
  4. The person doing the research writes the article. We don’t pass our notes off to someone else for them to interpret what we think, but we do rely on an experienced editorial team to help us make our writing better!
  5. We update every piece as needed to answer questions from the community or offer product updates.

We think you’re amazing. You work hard every day and you’re dedicated to what you do. We want you to enjoy coming home to a place of tranquility so that you can get the rest you need to keep succeeding. Just Blinds ‘n Curtains is here for you so you get the best you possibly can out of life. We’re glad you’re here.

Our Core Values

Beauty, peace, function, efficiency, and trustworthiness

Our Team

David Borgogni

David is passionate about sharing his insights on top trending and mainstay products for the home. His weekends are filled with DIY projects. He spends his free time redecorating his home. As an avid renovator and decorator, he’s well-versed to all of the latest trends in interior design. No matter what type of theme you’re planning on putting in a room, David’s here to help you with all of your blinds and curtains selections! In his spare time, he loves to read and keep up with the latest tech trends, as well as travel and explore the world.

Talitha Van Niekerk

Talitha has a diploma in interior decorating and has a passion for all things design and interior decorating. She loves learning about and telling others about new innovations and trends, especially when it comes to decorating windows. With her years of working as freelance writing in the home and homesteading niches, she’s got a passion for helping others achieve their design dreams. Talitha wants to make life more beautiful, which is why she’s dedicated her time towards helping others learn the ins and outs of how to style both blinds and curtains.

Talitha loves the way she can use language to describe the overall effect of great style choices for homes and is here to help readers find the perfect things for their homes.

Maddy Chiffey

Maddy is a freelance writer from Australia. After completing her bachelors’ degree, she began to experiment in the world of interior design. She’s moved her passion for decorating houses to the online world. Now, she shares her tips, tricks, and latest discoveries with those who share similar passions about curtains with her. She wants to help other people style their dream homes on a budget. When she isn’t traveling and exploring the outdoors, reading, drinking wine, and dining out at new restaurants, she’s writing advice on how to find the perfect curtains for your home!

Erin Jamieson

Erin Jamieson holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University and divides her time between freelance writing and giving other people advice on how to decorate their homes. An avid home decorator (and redecorator), she finds her purpose in life in helping people feel at home in their living spaces. She knows how frustrating it can be trying to find the perfect pair of curtains to complement a room. Now, she’s here to help others shop around to find the perfect curtains and blinds for your next decorating project!

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