Funky Turquoise Curtain Ideas

The Best Funky Turquoise Curtain Ideas

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We all know what it’s like to be stuck in a rut. You’ve been looking for curtains, and nothing seems to work – you’re tired of the same old colors and patterns or, well, your budget is too tight for anything other than bargain-basement pricing. It’s time to go funky! 

We have some great ideas to help you find something that perfectly fits your personality and style, even if you can’t afford designer prices. 

Let us show you how easy it is to get out of your funk with these funky turquoise curtain ideas.

Best Funky Turquoise Curtains: Our Top Picks

Why turquoise? 

Turquoise has a calming effect on people, so it can help someone who suffers from anxiety or depression feel more at ease. It also promotes creativity when using them in an office space because it stimulates imagination and innovation. One thing that makes this color great is that it doesn’t clash with any other colors, which means if you want to add some color into your room but don’t know what type to choose, go with turquoise.

And because there are so many pieces to choose from, we’ve listed the best choices. Our review features the most durable, affordable, elegant, versatile, and generally best turquoise curtains.

LEMOMO Turquoise Kids Blackout Curtains: Best Funky Turquoise Curtains for Kids’ Room/ Nursery

These awesome curtains offer an easy way to style your window, bedroom, living room, or kids’ nursery. The blackout ensures that your room is cool no matter the temperature outside- perfect for avoiding any unnecessary heating costs.

They can also provide a private and quiet environment where you can relax away from the rest of the world while still enjoying a good show on TV. With their sleek triple weave fabric construction and innovative production methods, these elegant curtains help insulate your home from noise distractions too. 

These beautiful turquoise kids’ blackout curtains are made from 100 percent polyester material that promises durability and a luscious feel without air quality chemicals during the assembly process – perfect for everyone in the family.


  • They are multifunctional
  • They are durable
  • They offer enough privacy


  • Customers have complained about them not being completely blackout

Deconovo Turquoise Blackout Grommet Curtains: Best Geometric Funky Turquoise Curtains

How fabulous are these Deconovo turquoise blackout grommet curtains? If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep out light in your bedroom when it’s time to go to bed, then you’ve come across just what you need. 

These curtains block undesired light sources that cause disrupted sleep with their gold foil printed wave lines and silky soft fabric. They so conveniently do not allow harmful sun rays through. 

Rest assured because they will either reflect heat or reduce the amount of heat lost in cooler months saving on energy costs, so there’s no need to worry about paying expensive monthly electric bills anymore. Plus, they are machine washable.


  • They are excellent light blockers
  • They have a soft and thick fabric
  • They are long-lasting


  • Customers have complained about sizing errors

YGO Turquoise Curtains: Best Polyester Turquoise Curtains

A modern twist on traditional curtains, these YGO turquoise curtains are crisp and stylish. There’s no need to keep your curtains closed out of fear that their exposure to the sun will age them prematurely. 

The polyester material that the curtains are made of repels light, meaning you can showcase all those gorgeous designs without worrying about fading or cracking materials. Plus, since they’re blackout panels (which is great for summer), they’ll continue looking like new for years to come.

YGO has spent hours designing these creative drapes until every detail is perfected – silvery grommets hold them securely in place without damaging walls; soft fabric provides total comfort against the skin; tight stitching gives full coverage over windows. 


  • They match well with other existing home decors
  • They are durable
  • They have exceptional light-blocking qualities


  • Customers have complained about receiving them stained or damaged.

KEQIAOSUOCAI Turquoise Blackout Curtains: Best Budget Funky Turquoise Curtain

Are you tired of the sun ruining your day? Purchase our New tech Faux Silk Funky turquoise curtains today. We guarantee that you’ll need to worry about sunlight no longer after installing these curtains. 

Not only will they protect your artwork, but they also defend against harsh UV rays so you can block out unwanted light and sleep better at night too. Our 100% high-quality polyester fabric won’t fade or wrinkle either- so don’t forget how long-lasting these curtains are for your everyday hassle-free living.

Creative, classic, beautiful–these blackout curtains aren’t just any ordinary purchase; each is a carefully made investment into comfortable daily life with minimal distraction by the world outside.


  • They are multifunctional
  • They hang beautifully and slide with ease
  • They are built to last


  • Some customers have complained about receiving the curtains while stained.

Hiasan Solid Turquoise Blackout Curtains: Best Solid Patterned Funky Turquoise Curtain

The Hiasan solid turquoise blackout curtain can help you sleep better, and they also provide the same insulation against heat and cold as a standard curtain would. 

Made to cover all four windows in your room so that it darkens any space, these curtains are perfect for those with children because you’ll be able to either watch your kids play outside or spend some alone time. Available in five different colors, our blackout curtains come with an 18-inch rod pocket at the top of each panel. 

This way, you’re able to see out quite easily but still, have enough privacy from others looking into your home or office – no more peeping through piles of fabric.


  • They are easy to care for and maintain
  • They are multifunctional
  • They are tear and color fade resistant


  • Some customers complained that they are not 100% blackout

Ambesonne Funky Curtains: Best multicolor Funky Turquoise Curtains

TheAmbesonne funky curtains are perfect for the modern household. They have a whimsical pattern with random swirls, spirals, color spots, and little heart shapes. These curtains will keep your home private while letting in some great natural light to brighten your day. 

The curtains are machine washable, so you can quickly dust or shampoo them without worrying about any stains or wrinkles left behind. We all know that coming into somebody’s living room is like walking into their personal space; nobody wants strangers poking around their house. 

These fun, funky curtains give you peace of mind, knowing that only those you invite over will be able to see what goes on inside your home.

Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel: Best Thermal Funky Turquoise Curtain

With these Thermal Grommet Funky turquoise curtains, you can dress up the windows in your bedroom or nursery with a subtle pleated look. With a quick tug of the grommet header, you can easily close your blinds and be left with privacy at last. 

Available as an individual panel too, these curtains have been crafted from polyester material for extra noise reduction and added property value. When it’s time for a quick freshen-up, just toss them in the wash. Don’t forget that each item sold separately is available as either a single curtain panel or as a set of two panels with pet legs, so they stay neatly tucked away during use.

Lighter material means less weight – perfect for light sleepers looking for insulation but modesty. It gives off soft ambient lighting while keeping rooms darkening, too, perfect if it kicks up after dinner.

Important Tips on How to Choose the Best Funky Turquoise Curtains

There are so many options when it comes down to choosing your new curtains, but don’t worry because we have compiled some helpful advice about which types best suit different styles. There is no shortage of choice from light and breezy or substantial with ornamental patterns in solid colors. 

But the possibilities seem endless as well; here are a few quick tips on how you can make an informed decision:

Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of your curtains is an important factor to consider when picking out the look for a room. From light, sheer lace to heavy velvet brocade and everything in between–you’ll find countless options that will work well with any décor style. 

The two most crucial factors about the material are: 1) What type of sunlight do you want streaming into your window? 2) How traditional or modern should we make this space feel?” Remember, each different texture falls differently from every other elevation, so it pays off double Time choosing which one suits your needs best.

Choose the Color of the Curtains Wisely

The curtains should ideally match the rest of your décor. You can either go for drapes that harmonize with it or contrast to create an interesting look, depending on what you’re going for! For a pleasing result, pick colors in terms of harmony; however, if wanting attention drawn instead, choose something contrasting like reds and blues – just make sure not too extreme because this could be off-putting.

Ensure You Choose the Correct Length of the Curtain

Curtain options for small windows can be anything from drapes to short rods. A more dramatic look is achieved by using long curtains that fall just below the floor, which would also heighten privacy if desired – plus, it’s slightly different from your average room. 

For kids’ rooms, though, you want shorter folds at eye level; ending them with only one inch above will give all necessary coverage in this context without being too overwhelming or stuffy like full length could sometimes feel when used on larger spaces.

Accessories and Trims

There are so many ways to give your curtains a finishing touch and make them stand out. For some, adding trims like valance or lace can draw attention up from the floor for an elegant look that’s not overbearing on its own but also subtle with light colors too. 

On other occasions, you might want something more minimalistic – think simple pullbacks paired against rich fabrics in velvet or silk satin; these will keep things cool without taking away anything interesting about what may have been already present in design (purple).

Consider Measuring the Width of Your Window

The perfect width for your curtains depends on the style of window or door you have. One way to get an idea is by measuring from one side and multiplying that number by 2/2.5, which will give you a good starting point in determining proportions when making them wider or shallower across their lengthwise dimension. 

Another option would be simply following what’s done with fabrics these days – panels being layered over each other, so they look like fabric has been gathered at either end.

Choosing Between Non-Lined and Lined Curtains

Here’s where you weigh the functionality of your curtains or drapes. If they are lightweight and don’t block light, then a lining may not benefit them in terms of protection from heat. 

However, if it is getting cold at night time and you need more privacy for comfort while sleeping than just sheer material will offer; an opaque layer can go over the top with fabric on both sides as well so that way there isn’t any transparency whatsoever – which makes these types of window treatments perfect.

How to Style Turquoise Curtains

Try a Roman Shade

Roman shades are a great way to update and brighten up your home without any of the hassles. These window treatments come in various colors, so they’ll match just about anything. They also require minimal maintenance – which means that both kids or pets can live together with them too if desired (no more cords on furniture).

Consider Adding patterns

Are you looking for an easy way to dress up your curtains? I have the perfect solution. For a natural look, try adding patterns and artifacts. This will allow you to style them with elegance that easily matches any space or design preference but without being too busy.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Funky Turquoise Curtains


A piece of fabric is an important consideration for curtains because it lets the home breathe. Choosing good quality fabrics can make or break your window décor, so you want them to be high-quality and durable. 

A lightweight curtain will let in more air than a heavy one but may not stay together when drawn apart; while this might not seem like much at first glance, if they’re on opposite ends of ​​the room, then someone walking by could see everything. From the neck downward.”


If you’re looking for a window treatment that will give your home the perfect balance of privacy and light, consider lighter curtains. Lighter fabrics allow more natural sunlight to pass through while still providing an element of coolness in the summertime. Lighter fabrics also provide a greater sense of openness if viewed from inside instead of outside, where the only sky is visible.

 For added protection from prying eyes when necessary but don’t want anyone else seeing what goes on behind closed doors, choose heavy velvet curtains which keep out nearly all intruders.


If you’re looking to make your room look more cohesive, the curtains must match well with other features. For example, if there are bold patterns on nearby walls and light-colored carpets against dark wood floors, statement fabrics will be too much instead of being discreet enough. 

However, when all three elements (a colorful wall or ceiling painting plus patterned flooring) have different textures but still work together without competing strongly against each other,  they can coexist in harmony.


One of the most important factors to consider before buying funky curtains is measurement. For a more traditional look with puddled fabric in between these panels, consider adding another three feet if necessary, so they cover all available floor space.

It’s important to decide how high above your window you’d like the curtains to begin, and then measure out four-by-eight inch sections for each side. Ensure there are at least two inches on both sides, giving it fullness when hung straight down from the top. Try using different colors or textures such as velvet for an interesting design before deciding what type of material works best.


Purchase curtains that are made for your needs. For example, if you want heavy curtains or velvet ones with a blackout lining to achieve privacy and light blocking, then be sure to order these types of products first hand from the store instead of using something like sheer fabrics, which would work well as long style statements without needing linings.

It’s important when buying window treatments from online shopping sites like Amazon to make certain what type you need before placing an order because there might end up being a return fee or otherwise.


It is important to purchase curtains based on how you decide to maintain them. Cotton and other daily-use fabrics should only be washed at home. Still, high-quality materials like polyester need dry cleaners because they can ruin quickly if you try your washing methods without the proper detergents or additives.

Determine whether your style will allow for frequent washings by purchasing washer-friendly material. However, this might not always apply since some brands now ensure that all types pass through two cycles before disposal. Be sure before making any purchase to avoid future regrets.


Curtain choices should reflect a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. For bedroom decorating ideas, try decorative panels with various colors on them so you can create an environment conducive to both sleeping in or work from- for those working remotely from their bedrooms.

Funky Turquoise Curtains FAQs

Question: Which Material is Better for Funky Turquoise Curtains?

Answer: Linen or faux silky fabrics will all hang beautifully in your home. The most durable option would be a synthetic fiber like polyester that can hold up against sun damage without fading too quickly compared to natural fibers such as cotton and linen, which are much easier on furniture surfaces if they get spilled across them. The type of fabric you choose should depend upon how long you plan for each to complement the overall look of your home decor.

Question: Are Funky Curtains Better Than Drapes?

Answer: It depends. If you’re looking for ways to help reduce your energy bills, however small the savings may be, a better option might be choosing blinds over curtains. That’s because they tend to cut down on cold air coming into homes and lose warmth from windows with their sheer material that blocks out light completely, so there isn’t any wasted illumination inside either room- a big plus in these times when all resources count.

Question: How many Panels Does a Funky Curtain Need?

Answer: Simply multiply your window width by 2-3 and divide that number in half (rounding up) as well when determining how close or wide each panel should hang; then pick an option below based on what kind of look best suits it. It’s never an easy decision to decide how many panels of curtains one should buy. The answer depends on what look you’re going for and whether or not your window is wide enough and requires full-length fabric without any gathering at all.

Question: Is There a Difference Between Panels and Curtains?

Answer: Yes. A panel is like a curtain, but it has no drapes. Panels are just hanging pieces of fabric that you can put up in front or behind your windows to cover them, giving off an old-fashioned vibe and making for interesting décor choices. Curtains on the other side cover everything from drapes down to the floor. 

Question: How Do you Pick the Best Funky Size for your Curtain?

Answer: The easy way to pick curtain size is by knowing your window’s measurements. For example, a panel that measures 46″ x 54″ will give you curtains with enough width for most windows and only takes up one-half the length or measurement of what they need, so it doesn’t peek out from behind furniture in your room.

Question: Is it Good to Double the Breadth of your Curtains?

Answer: Yes, but there are a few ways you can go about doubling your curtains, but as a general rule, they should be twice the width of their track. If this is not possible or practical for whatever reason and all that remains are single panels of fabric suspended from rod hardware at various heights, ensure these hang with a minimal overlap onto other windows so that light doesn’t transit through one opening directly into another neighboring space.


Some of the most popular curtain colors these days are black, white, and grey. But as we all know, there’s a time for everything. 

If you’re looking to shake up your interior design with something more vibrant or funky – consider adding some turquoise curtains. 

The best way to find the perfect funky turquoise curtains for your space is by starting with what you want. Do you have a specific color in mind? Or are you looking for something unique that will stand out from all of the other colors in your room? We hope you’ve found some of these ideas and our top curtain picks to be inspiring. 

For our overall best, we choose Deconovo Turquoise Blackout Grommet Curtains. They are excellent light blockers and have a soft fabric with thick benefits that make them long-lasting for your home or office.

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