How to Take Down Blinds

How to Take Down Blinds: Everything You Need to Know

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Blinds can be an eyesore if not properly taken care of, but that doesn’t mean they’re unnecessary. Blinds provide privacy, shade from the sun, and insulation against heat or cold, depending on the window covering used. It’s usually best to replace old blinds with new ones because older ones don’t offer as many benefits as newer designs do. But replacing them is easier said than done.

Follow our simple steps below on how to take down blinds for removing old and unwanted shades from your windows.

The Main Steps of Taking Down Blinds

How to Take Down Standard Blinds

You can easily take down regular blinds by following the following steps:

Step 1: Lower the Valance

The valance is that decorative border in front of your blinds, and it has vanes underneath. Hold the two sides with both hands, then push up on them until there’s enough space for light to pass through but not so much that everything behind will be visible too. 

Once they are open as wide as you want them without touching anything clipped onto or across from holding edges, release pressure where all clips come together at the center point between top rail & bottom bar; remove while keeping fingers well away from dangerous parts.

Step 2: Swivel the Vanes

Swiveling the vanes will let you easily take down your blinds—Pull-on that beautiful chain and open them up at an angle. Don’t worry; just make sure not to do more than thirty degrees off, so they don’t come crashing down onto anything dangerous or expensive nearby.

Step 3: Remove the Vane from the Vane Carrier

To detach the vane from its carrier, you will need a card that is flat and plastic. Fit this between both surfaces of yours with just enough room for it under one end so when placed down, it begins pressing against an upward pitched edge on either side near where they meet up – be careful not to push or pull hard as force may cause breakage. 

Once in place, gently lift upwards while wiggling around until all latches are disengaged, then remove quickly before pivot point shifts, plus any loose pieces fall off.

Step 4: Release the Bead Chain

The standard blinds on your window are like an opening and closing door. They have a small chain attached, which you use to open or close them up. Once those pesky wanes have been removed from their track in the ceiling, just reach up there with one hand using that little metal bar at its top – it should only take about 5 minutes per window to pull out this special piece from their rails, so they don’t get in the way.

Step 5: Get the Spring Clips from the Rail Bracket

To do this, use a flat head screwdriver and wedge it inside each spring clip-on bracket located at the backside of railings or screens, which will allow you more access than if they were facing outward, so that’s where we’ll start. 

Gently twist until release motion happens, then remove projection from the fixture with care not damaging edges. There are sharp sides, too but aren’t worried about those since what comes off goes into the trash bin later after the disposal process.

Step 6: Remove the Blind from the Rail

The blind rail will come in your hand once you have removed the spring clips. If it doesn’t, then there’s a chance that these little guys haven’t been properly released from their brackets and need some extra attention.

A quick tap with an object like a hammer or screwdriver on one end should do wonders for disengaging them so they can slide out easily – just make sure not to miss any along either side of the central bar where pressure is needed.

Step 7: Take Down the Bracket

It’s easy to remove the brackets from your wall. All you need are a few screws, and we have those right here for you.  Take them out with an electric screwdriver if they’re tight on there – just make sure not too overly tight so that it damages anything or strips any of its paint away either way, though.

How to Take Down Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a great way to help brighten up any room in your home. You can easily and quickly take them down by following these three steps:

Step 1: Raise and Open the Blinds

The blinds are ready to be opened up now, so make sure you pull them out from their horizontal position and then push them all the way up into place. Take care not only with what’s on your windowsill but also anything else around – like plants or curtains- because if there were any obstacles knocked over during this process, they might get damaged too.

Step 2: Consider Freeing One Side of the Venetian Blind

The brackets on each side of the blind are what you’ll use to release it. First, find one bracket with your fingers and then hold down at the bottom while pressing up against another with both hands until they become loose enough for removal from their mounting points. 

Step 3: Repeat the Same on the Other Side

Once you are done with one side, do the same thing on the opposite side of the window and gently pull away blind.

How to Take Down Roller Blinds

The best way to take down your roller blinds is with the four steps below:

Step 1: Open Up Your Roller Blind

Open your roller blinds up fully until they’re securely in place at the top of your window. Remove all ornaments and obstacles from underneath, on both sides, and above (or below) where you want them installed – this will make it easier to lift those pesky things off their brackets when necessary.

Step 2: Remove the Child Safety Clip

If your child’s safety clip is attached, remove the screw holding it in place with a screwdriver. Pull away from the wall and release the blind cord to unclip.

Step 3: Know Your Bracket Type

Your roller blinds come in two different styles. The brackets are either a pin or wheel, depending on which type you choose for your window, and it will be installed at the top corner opposite from where the cords are run (underneath). If you have plastic wheels, this should go onto one side so that there’s less chance of them getting damaged when pulling out any slack cord during installation time.

Step 4: Release Your Roller Blind from the Bracket

The process is a little more difficult than normal, but with some careful maneuvering and tenacity, you’ll be able to free your blind casting from its bracket. On plastic wheels, turn the locking star anticlockwise until it clicks, then slowly pull away.

How to Take Down Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a sleek modern touch that can be used to transform your home. Remove the upper valance and then follow these steps to take them down.

  • Swivel the vertical blind in a half-open position
  • Next, open each clip at the top of the slat and pull up on it to release any blades covering your window. Twist them free before placing them back down into place with accuracy this time around.
  • If you need to remove the brackets, take a screwdriver and gently separate it from its mounting point on the wall with gentle force until all screws have been removed.

How to Take Down Roman Blinds

People who are looking to spruce up their homes can take down some classic roman blinds. Follow these steps for a quick and easy removal: 

  • Start by pushing the headrail back to remove it from the brackets
  • With one hand, tilt the headrail, and with your other, pull on the blinds to bring them forward
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the brackets from the wall

How to Take Down Horizontal Blinds

It’s time to take down those old, dirty horizontal blinds. It sounds a little more complicated than just opening and closing them once in a while, but if you follow these steps, they’ll be off your windows before long. 

First, open up as many of the slats from inside on both sides, so there is plenty of light coming through without any obstruction whatsoever (remembering not to block out any other rooms). 

Next, grab one side at either end using an adjustable wrench or pair hand-held screwdriver while holding onto another piece for leverage when needed; place slowly into brackets located at ends with flat heads sticking outward – don’t worry about damaging anything yet because we’re going want all new metal put back soon enough.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Blinds Removal

Question: How Do You Remove Fitted Window Blinds?

Answer: With one hand on each side of the bracket, lift and push in towards a window so that it can be released. Next, you should rotate both your hands to remove any tension from brackets before releasing blinds completely by lifting them away from fixtures with an upward motion while simultaneously rotating top toward yourself until they’re all set free.

Question: How Do You Remove the End Cap on a Vertical Blind?

Answer: The end cap is so easy to take off and put back on. Place your thumbs at the opening of where it meets with chains or cords, push down firmly until you feel an edge release from its housing, then slide side away for removal.

Question: How Do You Untangle a Blind Cord?

Answer: The cord is the tangle-prone culprit behind blinds that won’t go down. The first thing to do is make sure that the blinds are lowered all the way down to their lowest position. You can now try and work on untangling them as much as possible, or cut off any remaining parts if it becomes impossible to untangle them.

Next time take some measures against getting tangled later on: Cord winders attach onto an individual length while also preventing tangling altogether. There are even pre-made packages specifically designed just for this purpose.


Blinds may seem like a low-priority item, but they make your home feel more inviting and cozy. 

What is the best way to take them down? Don’t let your worries ruin a perfectly good window treatment! We’ve got you covered with our article on how to do it. From removing cords to choosing the right hardware, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about nicely removing old blinds. 

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