The Best White Blackout Curtains Ideas

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If you have ever found yourself in the middle of a sleep-deprived night, looking for any way to get a better night’s rest, then this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled some of the best blackout curtains ideas that will help block out unwanted light and give your room its own dark zone – without compromising on style or budget! All of the curtains listed in this guide were chosen based on their affordability, availability, positive customer reviews, and effectiveness! 

The options range from inexpensive solutions to elegant ready-made styles, so there are plenty of choices for every mom. Read on below to learn more about these great products and how they can work wonders for your everyday life.

Top 7 white Blackout Curtains Ideas

1. NICETOWN White Blackout Curtains 

When you need a little privacy or can’t sleep in the daylight, NICETOWN Curtains provide some much-needed relief. Blocking out 100% of sunlight and UV rays with beautiful folds lines down each panel they are the perfect way to create a space that is as dark as your night sky. The liners in NICETOWN curtains make them thick enough to keep out all light so you can peacefully recline on your couch at 2 pm like nobody’s business. 

With their silver grommets and casual elegance designed into every thread, these drapes will look fabulous in any living room while simultaneously keeping your neighbors snoring from creeping into your soul-sweet slumber day after day.


  • Easy to wash by use of a washing machine
  • Durable as they are made from100% polyester.
  • Good for reducing noise


  • They are hard to maintain if you have pets and kids in the house.

2. PONY DANCE White Curtains

PONY DANCE White Curtains

PONNY DANCE White Draperies & Curtains are also one of the best white blackout curtains to try out. With a wide range of styles, you get the chance to create your perfect home and make it a work of art. If you’re looking for stunning window coverings that help you sleep better at night because they block out the light, then this is the product for you. 

They come with three advantages: 

  • Super heavy and soft fabric, which has been woven using Triple Weave technology; 
  • Panels without liner giving excellent color uniformity on both sides
  • An outstanding performance at an affordable cost. 

These thermal curtains come in white only but come in many different drapings.


  • They darken the room perfectly
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Available in many different designs


  • Block only 60-70% of light

3. ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Thermal Rod Pocket Window Curtains 

With these ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout thermal Rod pocket curtains, the sun won’t be getting in without a fight. Made from 100% polyester microfiber material, these energy-efficient curtains are light-blocking, easy to install and care for. They can be machine washed in a gentle cycle of cold water and air-dried or tumble dried at low temperatures.

With a sure-fit fabric sewn into the back of rod pockets for securing them into placements, you choose no more sagging!, Featuring high-quality metal all-in-one grommet top headings that work with rods up to 2×2″ and heavy-duty stitching throughout; these curtain panels will do your house justice. 


  • They come with thermal lining
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • They regulate the amount of light penetrating inside.


  • There have been complaints of these curtains affecting washing machines.

4. HOMEIDEAS Pure White Curtains

Room-darkening curtains will help make your room feel more private. These unique pure white curtains come in two panels and are a blend of 100% polyester for a soft, sheer touch, unlike other window treatments. Hang them separately or layer them up with some sheers and complete your classy yet comfortable look

These HOMEIDEAS curtains are made of high-quality materials that won’t leave you disappointed or uncomfortable. They’re silky, soft, easy to use with all windows, whether they’re custom sized to fit just precisely. And best of all? You can wash them without fear that the quality will be compromised.


  • They do not bleach
  • Versatile and can be used in the dining room, bedroom, living room, and even your baby’s nursery.
  • You can hang them in many ways and quickly.


  • Complaints about them being not fully blackout

5. Primitive Textured Linen 100% Blackout Curtains

Block out the light and sleep tight. These beautiful Primitive Linen Blackout Curtains will do just that for you. These durable panels are crafted from soft draped textured linen-look fabric with a white liner on the backing. With a lace back design added for visual interest, you can instantly elevate your home décor without spending much. 

Plus, Primitive Textured absolutely blocks all bright sunlight and UV rays to make your next sleep session well worth it. And thankfully, they’re easy to care for – machine washable – so enjoy them in style for years to come.


  • Help you retain warmth during the winter season
  • Available in many colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • Easy to close, open and hand because they have an excellent grommet detail on top.

6.  H.VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout White Curtains 

Are you tired of sunlight and time-change messing up your sleep? Join the darkness movement with H.VERSAILTEX 100% blackout curtains.

These elegant curtains are constructed from soft textured fabric, backed by a full blackout liner for ultimate privacy coverage in any room. Whether you want to create total darkness or just block out the brightest hours of daylight, these black silk panels give you top-of-the-line protection with style. 

Plus, they’re water-resistant and insulated for energy efficiency. They boast high performance on room darkening to keep that room as cool as you like it all year-round. You’ll never find another set of curtains this chic and this pro at blocking light anywhere else but right here.


  • They are multi-functional curtains
  • 100% blackout 
  • Excellent for noise blocking
  • Easy to clean using a machine or non-chlorine bleach


  • Can look bluish or greyish during the day

7. JINCHAN White Curtains for Living Room Window

When the sun hits your living room window and things outside get a little too bright, JINCHAN has got you covered. These beautiful curtains are perfect for living rooms with large windows, as they let natural light in and provide privacy with their 2-pc set. The best part? They’re very affordable. 

So don’t be afraid of investing since these curtains will last longer than you think.

JINCHAN always wants to help customers keep their living spaces safe and private. Whether it’s bedroom or basement windows that need covering up from nosy neighbors or daylight creeping into an upstairs nursery while awaiting mom’s arrival at home following her maternity leave – JINCHAN White Curtains offers a variety of choices to meet your needs.


  • Allow a good amount of light into your room.
  • Available in many different designs.


  • Not fully blackout

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing White Blackout Curtains

Color Of The Curtain

With so many options for blackout curtains, you will have to step back and consider what color best matches the style of your room. You may want a more neutral shade like gray or black curtain if these are colors that already exist in your space. However, some other modern styles come with brighter colors as well, such as navy blue or white. 

If this is an option, then make sure to buy a lining made by the same company since it can help block out 100% light when used alone.

Fabric Quality

Blinds and curtains are a great way to block light in your home, but there are black-out curtains if you want the best protection. They come in many different types of materials like polyester or cotton, for example, offering varying levels of effectiveness when it comes to blocking out sunlight from entering into your room. 

When purchasing curtains, be sure not only to look at how dark they appear on their own without any natural lighting. Also, take note of what type of fabric makes up this product so you know which ones will best suit your needs.

Maintenance of The Curtain

The fabric of a blackout curtain determines what type of care it needs. For example, some are made from 100% polyester, while others are made with linen and cotton mixes. Most people wash them in cold water, but you should read the label for more specific instructions before buying one to ensure you get one that works for you.

Price of The Curtain

A pair of full door curtains cost anywhere from $30-$100. If you are looking for quality but don’t want to spend too much money, look for middle-range prices as cheaper fabrics imply lower durability.

 It is best to purchase them from reputable sellers rather than local factories with low standards so as not to sacrifice anything when it comes down to being satisfied or having a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can You Turn An Existing Curtain To a Blackout One?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to turn existing curtains into blackout ones. To do this, you just need a few simple supplies and some time! You will also want a friend or family member’s help for the actual sewing part of the process. 

An easy way to turn regular curtains into blackout curtains is by adding a layer of fabric. Using an iron-on adhesive, attach the new material over your window with strips of tape in between each section. This will create enough coverage for people who want more privacy from outside light and prying eyes at night.

Question: Can You Install An Ordinary Curtain Like A Blackout Curtain?

Answer: It is interesting to note that not all blackout curtains are installed in the same way as ordinary ones. Some people prefer installing them on a rod that can be hung from their ceiling, but others opt instead for Velcro strips or magnets, so they do not have to drill holes into any walls.

When choosing one of these methods over another, it is essential to utilize your curtain panels individually at times and, most notably, how much light you would like passing through each panel during those periods.

Question: Are White Blackout Curtains Effective?

Answer: Good blackout curtains can help you achieve the best sleep each time, regardless of your sleeping habits. And remember, blackout curtains do not have to be black or dark, for that matter. White ones work just as well.

Question: What is the Best Color for Blackout Curtains?

Answer: That depends on your preferences. Some people will say blue because it blocks out any rays that might disrupt your deep slumber. Others would argue otherwise; they believe white is the best color for blackout curtains. They say white makes it easier to sleep in a dark environment because of its bright hue and ability to reflect light onto itself. 

Question: What is the Difference Between Blackout and Blackout Curtains?

Answer: While both blackout and blockout curtains work to help you sleep better at night, there are some slight differences in how they go about it. Blackouts do an excellent job of blocking any outside light that might find its way into your bedroom, while the blockout curtains block only a fraction less than blackouts.

Overall, these two variants’ primary purpose is to provide comfort for those who enjoy having total darkness or partial shade during their slumber time.

Question: What is the Best Fabric for Blackout Curtains?

Answer: Blackout curtains are a great way to make sure that your room is dark and private when you need it. Blackout fabric can be created using polyester or cotton, with heavy microfiber being the best option if triple weave technology is used. It cuts out up to 90% of light.


The best white blackout curtains are made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. They’re designed to block out light but also prevent sounds from passing through the fabric. 

Out of all of the blackout curtains on this list, we would highly recommend the H. VERSAILTEX blackout white curtains. Not only are they water-resistant, but they also help to make your home more energy-efficient. Plus, they’re super versatile!

There are many factors you need to consider before purchasing your own set of white blackout curtains, like what size they will be for your window or room dimensions, how much heat insulation is desired, and if soundproofing is necessary as well.  We hope this post has helped answer some frequently asked questions that people often ask.

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