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Pioneer Woman Curtain Ideas and Inspiration: Top Recommendations

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We all have a space in our home that is just waiting for a little bit of love and attention. Whether it’s the living room, hallway, bedroom, or kitchen – we can’t wait to share some inspiration with you on how to add color and personality.  First up? The curtains.

In this post, we’ll highlight eight different curtain styles from Pioneer Woman that are perfect for any room in your house.  Take a look at these beautiful ideas and get ready to start dreaming about what amazing changes await your space.

Our review features the best Pioneer Woman curtains according to price, features, versatility, and durability.

Best Pioneer Woman Curtains: Our Top Picks

The Pioneer Woman “Flea Market”: Best Overall Pioneer Woman Curtain

Sure, another cheap set of windows from your local second-hand store might look just as good. But this Pioneer Woman ” Flea Market” curtain isn’t any other cheap set of window curtains.

This is a vintage collector’s item with the hipster vibe down pat. Made in America by a team dedicated to recapturing authentic glass bevel art for decades past, here you have a fine slice of Americana to give that up-to-date yet traditional flair for your ranch home’s window fronts that will allow plenty of light into your abode or office space while also maintaining an old school aesthetic.

Try them out today and combine them with some other awesome pieces from our Flea Market collection.


  • They are made of quality fabric
  • They are rich in color
  • They are beautiful and easy to hang


  • Some customers have complained about them not being lined.

Patchwork Pioneer Woman Flowers Floral Curtains: Best Handmade Pioneer Woman Curtains

The Pioneer Woman herself makes this farmhouse-style window treatment. This item is handmade with cotton fabric, machine washable, and comes in two different sizes for your convenience.

The valance measures 40″ wide by 13″ long to fit any window you can come up with. Whether it be a standard or small round white rod, this patchwork design looks lovely from whichever angle you’ll look at it from.

Suppose you’re looking to spruce up your windows before summer begins again but don’t want to break the bank on these expensive products. In that case, this Patchwork Pioneer Woman Curtain might give your house that cozy feel everyone knows and loves about old-fashioned décor.


  • They complement existing home decors
  • They are durable
  • They are made with a nice fabric

The Pioneer Woman Chambray Ruffle Pole Top Curtain Panel: Best Budget Pioneer Woman Curtain

Ready with an inspiring collection of bold colors and light shades, these ruffle curtain panels are the perfect finishing touch to your home. Treat your space to a style makeover with this effortless gentle breeze that will reinvigorate any room in need of a few new charms.

Match it with one or two favorite colors, pick up several swatches for creative combinations, or test our range of versatile neutrals across multiple rooms at home! Whether you are decorating your living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens–even bathrooms–these gorgeous specialty curtains offer the right feminine touch in whatever style you’re dreaming about.

Incorporate some subtle luxuries into every space needing customization with this Chic lightweight sheer Pioneer Woman Curtain.

The Pioneer Woman Willow Window Curtains: Best Premium Pioneer Woman Curtain

The Pioneer Woman willow curtains an all-over, country chic, floral print that will accent your smaller window beautifully. These panels will drape perfectly from your favorite hardware by a standard sewn-in rod pocket.

Designed with versatility in mind, these versatile curtains work just as well in the sunroom with French doors to the backyard as they do, making any kitchen seem welcoming and cozy with their organic design.

They’re also easy to care for – machine washable and all over colorfast, so come morning, coffee isn’t the only thing getting spilled on them.

The Pioneer Woman Charming Check Curtain and Valance Set: Best Teal Pioneer Woman Curtain

Curating all the country-chic vibes in your home has never been easier. This curtain and valance set is perfect for accenting your smaller kitchen or bathroom window and adding a touch of farmhouse charm to any room’s look.

The print features an all-over, timeless pattern that will fit in beautifully with any décor scheme. And because this set includes two tiers and one valence, it can be customized to showcase just the right amount of flair at every height.

Whether they are displayed on metal rods or regular wooden rods, these Pioneer Woman charming curtains and valances provide you with stylish function and beautiful design — making them the perfect addition to your quaint cottage décor plan. You’ll love how easily they mix and match with other items from our line so consider getting yourself one.

The Pioneer Woman Patchwork Window Panel Pair: Best Pioneer Woman Curtain With a Floral Print

Nothing says America better than your Pioneer Woman curtain with a floral print home décor is the perfect way to show off your love for all things Americana. The Pioneer woman patchwork window panel pair is an easy and inexpensive way to showcase your country style with large, beautiful flowers.

These curtains will gracefully drape over any curtain rod, adding flair to your smaller windows with sophisticated fabric while making a bold statement of patriotism at the same time.

With two panels measuring 40”W x 84” L each, along with coordinating tieback options available in various colors, these window conditions are sure to fit into any space beautifully.

Design Tips to Finding the Best Pioneer Woman Curtains

I know exactly how you feel. There are those empty windows that keep us from our goal- picking out the right Pioneer Woman Curtains can make all of the difference in filling up a space and finishing it off beautifully.

Let me show you my five favorite tips for choosing Pioneer Woman Curtains like an expert, so when we pin down which one will work best, life becomes less frustrating or at least easier.

Think About Budget

Drapery is a wonderful tool for covering your windows, but it doesn’t mean you should always use drapes. I find that considering what look or feel you’re going for in the space and balancing out scale between window size before moving on to budget helps me decide which material will best suit my needs.

If possible, try customizing them because while prices may be higher than regular store-bought curtains/blinds, they give off this whole vibe depending upon how fancy (or simple) design style might turn out.

Explore Every Option Available

For those who want their windows to be the star of their home, I recommend trying out some Pioneer Woman Curtains. With so many options available, it is easy for consumers to default to white because this color goes with everything and provides a clean look without being too busy or overwhelming in its own right.

But if you’re looking specifically at patterns like plaids in reds & blues, which would add more dimensionality than just one solid shade, plus they can help block light, go ahead and experiment outside your comfort zone. There are no rules here other than whatever works best suited towards your tastes as well.

Think About the Thickness of the Pioneer Curtain

Choosing the right curtains is like choosing your outfit for any given occasion. There are many options to consider, and every curtain will look better in certain situations than it would elsewhere.

When shopping, ask yourself what you need from them: do I want a sheer fabric that can be used as layering, or does privacy matter most? How much light-blocking power do these have (bulletproof)? Is energy efficiency important too, or just raw fashion sense–or both?

The four types of thickness available on today’s market match up well with different styles, so customers always find themselves putting together an individual mix.

Always Start at the Top

When it’s time to spruce up your home, consider casual styles like modern and transitional. These can be paired with a back tab or grommet finish Pioneer Woman Curtains for a clean look that is available in both ready-to-hang panels and custom orders.

For those who want something more formal but still need their windows covered from prying eyes, we recommend flat-fold/pleated Pioneer Woman Curtains with an exaggerated folded drape perfect just what you’re looking for.

Check the Length of the Pioneer Curtain

The final factor that I consider when purchasing curtains is length. There are so many ways to change the style of a room with just one contraction.

While custom pioneer woman’s curtains will be available in almost any width and length desired, you’ll find ready-to-hang material restricted into four or five set lengths, which cause them not only to limit how you hang your garments but also confines it down below just above an individual’s window. Nevertheless, it still provides some adorable effects depending on what kind of design scheme you have going home right now.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Pioneer Woman Curtains

A perfect match for your home’s décor and style, Pioneer woman curtains can be an excellent addition to any room. For those looking to update or add some flair without spending a lot of money, these simple changes are all that is needed.

Before making this decision, though, here are some important factors that you should always consider:


One of the most important aspects of choosing curtains for your home is determining what fabric they will be made from. You must find something with durability, so make sure to think about how well it folds when drawn and falls on its own accord before making any final purchases.

The best way I’ve found around this problem is by using upholstery foam core boards which give me both sturdiness as well as insulation benefits; however, if my budget doesn’t allow it, then there are other alternatives such as interlining fabrics used within hotels since these have been known time-and-again at blocking light without sacrificing warmth due weight or thickness alone.

Dry Clean Only or Washer Machine Friendly

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money, it’s best not to wash your curtains. But if they’re dry-cleaned only or washer machine friendly – that will save you some trouble in the long run.

Keep this tip in mind when buying new ones because Consumer Reports says otherwise: Even though high-quality drapes can be cleaned by hand without ruining them completely; however, most people just choose one option instead of trying both methods at once, so make sure before making any purchases which type suits their needs better.

Privacy and Lighting

If you don’t have many windows to work with, it’s important to consider what type and how much light your Pioneer Woman Curtains should provide. If they’re going in an average living room or dining space where formalities aren’t required on occasion but rather just some peace for oneself, then lighter options like sheer will suffice; allowing more natural sunlight into the rooms so that those inside feel less confined while maintaining privacy at all times.

For added privacy or to darken a room, choose from the many fabric options. Heavy curtains will help block out light and provide you with more tranquility in your home! This window treatment material can be used for bedrooms; it’s perfect if there are no windows on one side of an area that needs total darkness, such as theaters.

Consider Accessories

Choosing curtain treatments is an art, but it’s one with a lot of possibilities. You’ll need to think about what kind of rod you are hanging on and where your window adorns that part for everything not only to work well together but look perfect as well.

You don’t want anything too busy or distracting, so be sure no two pieces match exactly when doing this type of decoration job because then people would see straight through them, right? That being said – there should always carry some level theme throughout any area rugged up with curtains like velvet fabric.


The most appropriate length for curtains is floor-length. Short lengths can look very out of place, and long drapes may not be able to cover the entire window, so make sure you choose wisely between hitting just below your ankles or having an extra inch that lets in some sunlight.

The best way to style your windows is by using curtains that just barely touch the floor. This will allow you full control over how open or closed they are at any given time, making it easier for those with limited mobility in their hands. For an even more elegant look, choose shorter lengths on all four sides without vacuuming – pooling can create drama when used correctly and keep things clean-looking no matter what.

Know the Curtains Purpose

When you’re shopping for curtains, it’s important to know their purpose in a room. People who want privacy and are looking at blocking lights should buy heavy ones with velvet or blackout lining.

While sheer curtains can be nice if not too concerned with blocking sunlight but they won’t do as well as an actual curtain since there will always seem like something peeking through them, which doesn’t look good on anyone even though most people think it’s cute when it happens unintentionally sometimes.

No Lining and Lining

Lining your curtains not only adds a layer of protection for the fabric but also gives volume and weight that will make your window treatments more full. During summer times, this helps keep rooms cool by conducting heat away from the inside.

Lined drapes are also much more energy-efficient than non-lined ones, so you don’t have to worry about losing money on electric bills while still enjoying beautiful scenery outside. Lines also add depth; these linings can give life back into any room, whether they’re simple geometric shapes or scrollwork patterns.

Consider Material

you should consider the material – either a single choice or a combination of choices. Usually, homes use light, airy cotton and linen during bright sunny days; however, some people prefer thicker fabrics such as velvet or suede to keep warm when winter comes around.

Linen is perfect for fall because it absorbs less heat than other types of fabric while simultaneously retaining your body’s warmth naturally without releasing any onto its surface like rubbing wool blankets against skin does.


It’s important to choose a curtain that compliments the overall style of your room- particularly what you have on display. A general rule when blending curtains into an area is: if there are other strong focal points in it, such as highly patterned carpets or furniture with colored walls, etc., then go for something more neutral like grey rather than colorful statement pieces because they will blend better.

But if all these features happen not to be distractions from each other but instead help contribute their personality and flair towards this space through contrast, think white vs. deep blue. Statements can add some life into any dreary-looking living quarters.

Pioneer Woman Curtains: FAQs

Question: What Are the Standard Size Pioneer Woman Curtains?

Answer: Staying true to tradition, standard Pioneer Woman Curtains come in three lengths—84 inches, 96-inch, or 108 inches. You must know what length of curtain best suits your needs before buying so that it will look good and not awkward when paired with other furnishings such as furniture from the same line – like a sofa set.

Question: How Far Should Pioneer Curtains Be from the Floor?

Answer: The best way to show off your curtains is with a trouser kick hem. This type of finish creates the illusion that they touch the floor, making it easier for mopping and cleaning.

Don’t worry about getting fancy. Just make sure you position half-inch gaps between each side so mops can get through without any trouble.

Question: What Are the Widths of Pioneer Curtains?

Answer: For the perfect look, choose a curtain with panels that are just right for your needs. There’s no need to worry about getting lost in translation when choosing one of these beautiful pieces- they come in different sizes so that you can find something suited perfectly.

Pioneer woman curtains generally come in 2 standard sizes: 63″ and 84″, depending on what type we’re using – Tier or Panel Curtain Panels 24 & 36 inch long widths vary but most commonly 45 inches wide; finally, tier vs. layer which may seem like an insignificant difference until considering all factors involved such as privacy.

Question: How Many Pioneer Woman Curtains Do I Need for Two Windows?

Answer: Some people think they need to do three sections of curtains on a window — one for each side and another in the middle. For this look, you will typically require four or six panels depending on how thick your windows are; however, if going with a more whimsical style than normal then two can work just fine too.

Question: How Many Pioneer Woman Curtains Do I Need for One Window?

Answer: Determine the number of panels you need to order: Multiply window width by 1.5 if this is for a relaxed, tailored look or 2 when curtains are loosely gathered and divide total with single curtain panel’s widths to determine whether they’re suitable for privacy screening designs as well – just double-check their length first.

Question: What is the Largest Width for Pioneer Woman Curtains?

Answer: It’s easy to see why 90-inch wide curtains are the most popular choice for home windows. These versatile drapes can be used in either large rooms or smaller spaces, and because they’re so long, there is no need to worry about them being too tall on your personal property.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Pioneer Woman curtain ideas guide. Remember, it is important to find the curtains that fit your style and personality best. Whether you want a more traditional look or something fun and whimsical, there are different styles for every taste.

We hope that by using this article as a resource guide in selecting the perfect pair of curtains for your needs, we will help make it easier with all the choices out there.

We recommend the Pioneer Woman “Flea Market” curtains since they are rich in color and are made of good quality fabric; they appeal to those who prefer that old-school aesthetic look.

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