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How to Find The Best 96 Inch Curtains

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96-inch curtains are a great way to add some flair and style to your home. With their height, these curtains can be used in any house, from the living room to the bedroom long windows.  The most important thing is to consider keeping much light you want to be filtered through them. 

This post will cover what you need to know about choosing your perfect set of curtains for any room in your house. Let’s get started.

I chose the best 96 inch curtains based on material, design, and overall appearance.

Best 96 Inch Curtains on Amazon

Amazon Blackout Curtains 96″, Taupe: Best Overall 96 Inch Curtains



When it comes to light-blocking technology, Amazon blackout 96-inch curtains got your back.  No sunlight, no glare reading, and total privacy. These curtain panels will block out outside noise and provide a calming environment. Plus their energy-saving insulation properties, these curtains offer a way to keep your room better insulated against hot or cold temperatures. 

These walls of darkness are made from high-quality materials that can be washed and reused many times over. So don’t worry about moving around whenever you’re not satisfied with your living quarters. These blackout panels will follow you wherever life takes them.

Need to get things done around the house? You’ve got blackout curtains that can be up to 96 inches each. With two curtain panels per pack, no better way to blackout your home with these lovely babies that will always leave you smiling.


  • They are the best for UV blockage
  • They are durable 
  • They are economical
  • They offer insulation


  • They often wrinkle after washing, but you can solve this by ironing 

Blackout Curtains Grommet Window Shades: Best Blackout 96-Inch Curtains


Time to get rid of those old light-leaking curtains. With the grommet blackout curtain, you won’t have to worry about seeing any light coming in by day or night anymore. Not only is it an easy way to save energy and stay warm, but these curtains are stylish on top of that.

These blackout curtains are just what you need to keep that bright blue sky out while staying cozy. You can choose between black, navy, or cream colors to match your color palette as they transform your living space to a  weighted hem so it won’t shift around on your rod.

Forgot about the sun peeking in through closed blinds? These blackout curtains have concealed grommets, so finally, you can get restful sleep throughout the night without light seeping in. Cover your windows with these great pieces of curtains as they are the best you can ever have.


  • They guarantee you privacy
  • Total protection from direct sunlight
  • The washing process is made easy since you machine wash them


  • They’ll wrinkle after washing if not ironed

Yakamok 96 Inches Gray Curtains: Best 96 Inch Colored Curtains

Yakamok 96

Yakamok is made of innovative triple-weave fabric with a natural and elegant design without memory and color fading. These soft and elegant curtains are excellent in room darkening, thermal insulation, noise-reducing, or energy efficiency. It will aesthetically decorate your windows and rooms with new significant effects that last long.

You deserve to have the perfect balance of aesthetics, function, and convenience in your home. And with these thermally insulated thermal blackout curtain panels at hand, you can wage war on excess sunlight while watching TV or working without being distracted by the constant glare on your screen. 

You will be more than satisfied with how darkening shades bring elegance to your windows while enhancing your ability to relax after a long day at work. These curtains are machine washable, so it’s easy for you to revive their crisp appearance if need be too.


  •  They are wrinkle-free due to their high fabric material
  • Suitable for room darkening, keeping away sunlight
  • They are durable
  • They don’t fade even after long exposure to direct sunlight


  • Not 100% blackout

Nickel Grommet 96 Inches Window Curtains: Best 96 Inch Linen Curtains


If you’re searching for a bold but subtle way to outfit your home or office, these Nickel Grommet 96 Inches window Curtains are the perfect pick. The set includes two sheer lace curtains that are soft about the touch and add finesse to your general house or office decor.

As an essential for your room décor, these Nickel Grommet curtains are finely woven from top-quality linen fabric on either side of each panel. These Nickel curtains can be pulled together to form a romantic window dressing that softly filters the light coming through your windowpane. 

Made of machine-washable linen composites, these curtains can stay long without catching dirt as the fabric is durable, keeping them fresh and inviting for yourself and guests. Looking for some lovely linen to match your home or office experience,  Nickel Grommet linen curtains will always hold you down.


  • They are easy to wash and maintain
  • These curtains  help in light regulation and with thermal regulation
  • They are energy efficient curtains


  • They often wrinkle if you dry wash them; make sure to iron them to maintain that elegant appearance

96 Inches Burlap Window Curtains: Best Burlap 96 Inch Curtains


Keep the sun out in the summer and snug all year round. This burlap linen blackout curtain is crafted from rich faux linen textured fabric, inner woven construction that features a natural blackout effect to block light. You’ll love how this classic window panel looks with any decor.

This linen blackout curtain 96 Inches long for bedrooms and living rooms is versatile, functional, and stylish. It’s not only beautiful but also practical with eight copper metal grommets, so you can hang it up on your window wherever you want. Because of the fabric, this curtain has an elegant textured look that will liven up any bedroom or living room setting. 

The curtains are made of thermal insulated material to keep warm air in winter and cold air out during summertime. There’s no need to buy expensive door replacements or construct sound barriers around windows because these blackout curtains will do all the work.


  • They help block out noise
  • Great for thermal regulation
  • Rich linen fabric looks elegant
  • They offer easy installation due as they come with eight grommets per panel


  • Some customers complained that the fabric is too thin

Melodieux Sheer 96 Inches Long Curtains: Best 96 Inches Long Sheer Curtains


Do you want a sheer and airy feel for your living room but still need some privacy? The Melodieux white semi sheer curtains 96 Inches Long are a perfect choice. Light filters through these curtains to create a lovely effect while still maintaining your privacy. 

Made from soft cotton, these curtains will blend beautifully with any decor. Hang them separately or in pairs that match other Melodieux products to get just what you’re looking for. The semi-sheer fabric ensures that light gets through and overlaps well without compromising your chilling moments, giving you the nice cozy feeling you desire.

The 96″ White Semi-Sheer Curtains (2 pieces) come with a modern look and elegant touch so that you can brighten any room in your house. Bring them home today for cheaper than you’d find anywhere else in any relevant stores and online platforms.


  • They help filter light
  • They are easy to clean- washer-friendly
  • Blend beautifully with your home decor
  • Wide range of colors to choose from


  • The fabric colors offered show dirt easily

96 Inch Long Curtains Gradient White and Black: Best 96 Inch Fabric Curtains


Choose between a chic black and white pattern or a regal statement of navy, gold, and red to add the right amount of style to your windows this year. These blackout curtains are made from 100% polyester, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the delicate fabrics surrounding them with direct sunlight. 

These curtain panels come in 54 inches by 96 inches long, designed for twist tie installation. These gradient curtains impede 50%-90% light depending on room size and type of fabric used while also providing some noise reduction due to their cotton lining. 

The thick fabric curtains provide an ideal level of privacy you’ll adore in that bedding room or living room, too-plus they’re easy to clean whenever that mud pie gets whipped on them. If you love blending colors, then the best remedy for your windows would be these 96 long curtains.


  • Offer outstanding. level of privacy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for UV protection 
  • They have an elegant make and design


  • They’ll wrinkle after washing, and you probably have to iron them

How To Style 96 Inch Curtains

Roman Shading

Roman Shades

If you want to style up your curtains without hassle, a roman shade is an excellent option. It requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t have long, messy cords, so it makes for easy living with kids or pets in tow.

Subtle Striping

For those who love to have a little fun with their home decor, consider styling your 96-inch curtains with subtle striping. Rather than choosing the classic white-on-white look that’s so popular today and gone tomorrow, opt instead for curtains in rich shades such as cream or taupe, which will add dimensionality and texture without being overwhelming.

Pairing Different Colors

Unlike the average home, which is boring to look at with its same old curtains on every window,  you can spice up your space by pairing plain white ones with an edgy black curtain for some clever contrast that will draw eyes upward into what’s inside you.

A good idea might be going bold in different colors since this will always capture attention when walking through, unlike before where everything was so similar looking.

Add Pattern With Artefacts

96 inch

It’s time to give your curtains some personality! For a natural look, try adding patterns with artifacts. It will help you style them in an elegant way that matches any space or design preference of yours easily and quickly without being too busy for comfort.”

Factors to Consider When Purchasing 96 Inch Curtains


A key thing to remember when purchasing 96 inch long curtains is whether they serve a function in your room. If you want privacy and block out light, buy heavier ones like velvet or have blackout lining.

If you don’t need that type of accommodation, just go with sheer fabric, which can give an attractive look while still letting plenty through without blocking any natural sunlight coming through the window/doorways since these are designed as decorative pieces.

Color Preferences

Silver Curtains

It’s essential to choose a curtain that compliments the overall style of your room, particularly what you have on either side. For example, suppose there are solid colors or patterns in an otherwise neutral-colored space like brightly colored walls. In that case, statement curtains will do well because they’ll stand out against it instead of blending into their surroundings too much.

But if all things are white or cream, then adopting this same approach won’t work since those two hues don’t blend very readily with most other elements. 


A bedroom should be dark and inviting to help you get a good night’s sleep. Don’t buy curtains with too much color, as this will make your room appear smaller than it is. Consider light instead of colorful fabrics for the kitchen because they’re easier cleaning options if there are spills.

A living space with windows across multiple rooms could use layered curtains for depth. Just don’t forget about those pesky lights coming through around each window.



You have to consider the density of your curtains when considering how they’ll affect sunlight. A lighter-weight curtain will be transparent and let the light shine through it. Still, if you want some privacy or block out only certain rays, then a denser cloth would do a better job because those can withstand blocking more heat from entering rooms while still letting less visible light pass through them than their thinner counterparts. 


For those looking to add a touch of class and warmth, we recommend lining your curtains. This is the case since the 96 inch long curtains will protect the fabric and add volume, making them fuller than before.

This is an excellent idea for anyone who loves window treatments and wants to go ahead and purchase something like this. It does make all things better when you personalize each item with some flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Is the General Rule for Hanging 96 Inch Long Curtains?

Answer: It’s important to measure correctly and hang your curtains at least six inches off of each side. The tiny left space will allow them to move freely, which is perfect for letting light in when you want natural illumination or pulling back from views outside; hence there is no need to hide behind closed doors.

Question: Can You Use One Curtain Panel or Even Two?

Answer: If you have more oversized windows, it’s a good idea to buy two curtain panels instead of just one. The double-paneled curtains can look better and fit into the window more efficiently than single ones because they require less material while maintaining their ability to keep out light for privacy purposes, with dark colors like black requiring little room on your wall as well.

Question: How Far Should a Curtain Rod Go During Installation?

Answer: Make sure you leave 3 or 4 inches of space between each rod and the sides, then hang them, so they overlap inside and outside by about six inches on all four ends. Hanging your curtains too tight can cause light to leak around the window’s edges; hence an essential consideration to always have at heart when buying rods.

Question: Is It Good If the 96 Inch Long Curtains Drag On The Surface?

Answer: No. Curtains that drag on the floor don’t look good either and can be hazardous. They also collect more dust than you might think. To find out how much of an impact your curtains will have in terms of cleanliness, measure from where they’ll hang to their lowest point while keeping them closed at all times when not being used as a curtain rod.

Question: Are Curtains Still In The Market?

Answer: Yes. The past is always present in the way we use things. While curtains were once a staple for homes, they’re still around today and will likely be here long. The fabric technology has significantly advanced over time to allow us new ways of incorporating these classic window coverings into modern designs so they can stay relevant even when design trends change every few months or years afterward.


96-inch curtains are a popular choice for many people because they offer the perfect balance of light and privacy. If you’re looking to buy these long window coverings, this guide will help you find your best match.

In addition to considering factors like color, length, and material type when shopping for curtains, it’s essential to think about how each style might compliment your home decor.

One of the best curtains you can buy for your home is an Amazon blackout 96-inch curtain. This particular type of window treatment features light blockage and thermal insulation properties to keep cool air in during hot summer months and retaining heat during cold winter days, reducing energy bills by up to 50%.


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