Best Burlap Curtains Ideas

Best Burlap Curtains Ideas and Inspiration

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We all know that curtains are an essential part of our homes. They can complement the interior design and create a serene atmosphere for your living space. 

Curtains come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, but burlap curtains are one of the most popular materials with homeowners.  Yet some might be afraid to choose this type because they think it looks old-fashioned or not trendy enough. 

Well, we would like to put these fears to rest by presenting you with the six best burlap curtains ideas that will make you want them too. We’ve ranked them according to features, budget, and material.

Best Burlap Curtain Ideas and Inspiration on Amazon

Primitive Burlap Curtain: Best Overall Burlap Curtain

linen texture

Primitive textured blackout burlap curtains are the cure to light blocking that’s both economical and eco-friendly. These top-ranked, noise-reducing lined curtains have a 100% blackout lining with just the right amount of burlap texture for rustic appeal.

Durable and long-lasting, these fantastic energy-efficient window draperies will bring your home a more calm and natural feel. They’re lightweight, easy-care, machine washable, and perfect for any room in your home without sacrificing energy efficiency or style.

The primitive burlap curtain is an innovative, well-made product professionally produced by expert craftsmen. Its top-quality design will last you for years to come. The curtains are sold one pair at a time, so be sure to purchase enough to cover your window from top to bottom.


  • They are easy to clean and wash.
  • They are easy to install and feature light-blocking technology.
  • Great for thermal regulation


  • They can only be washed with non-chlorine bleach

Valea Home Burlap Curtains: Best Fabric Burlap Curtain

Valea Curtains

Keep it simple with the Valea Burlap  Home Curtains, a great solution to let the light shine in and provide privacy. They’re made of a durable polyester blend fabric, and they have a rustic look that will match any home décor beautifully. 

Their strong material is easy to install and includes features like rod pocket valeas which are great for your doors too, making them perfect for anyone who values security as much as comfort. You’ll love these curtains because they are timeless but never stuffy.

With the solid colors, these curtains can match any décor style in your home seamlessly. Let light come in but provide privacy with this thick, textured curtain that can be washed at low temperatures or ironed for the pristine condition every day.


  • Suitable for low light areas
  • These curtains are great for privacy.
  • They are made from quality and durable material


  • They cannot be dry-cleaned

Sheer Turquoize Burlap Curtains: Best Sheer Burlap Curtains


Have you always been dreaming of that Pinterest-worthy, elegant living space? Well, you’re in luck because now your vision can come to life. With these sheer burlap curtains, chic homes are well within reach. These natural linen blend curtains let in beautiful diffused light and still provide adequate privacy. The decorative open weave offers a light touch for homes, both formal and casual. 

The turquoise burlap panels match well with any décor scheme and won’t break the bank. Plus, they’re machine washable. What more could you ask for? All you need is window opening measurements, online purchase, and you will be set for life with these elegant pieces of decor.


  • They are budget-friendly
  • The fabric is solid and durable
  • They come with a rod pocket


  • Installation may not be as easy

LORDTEX Burlap Curtains: Best Thermal Burlap Curtain

Lordtex Burlap

LORDTEX’s burlap linen look curtain with blackout liner will keep the light out and the interior cool. The heavy-duty fabric is resistant to noise and wrinkles, with a modern black, grey-brown texture that will go great in your rustic space. 

Black-out curtains may sound like a nuisance to clean and keep up with, but these bad boys are 100% machine washable. Made of coarse texture linen cotton fabric and charcoal cotton lining, the LORDTEX will camouflage your room’s sunny side while shooing away noise and giving you the privacy you deserve when it comes to nap time.

Protect those around you from extreme temperatures by preventing cooking heat radiate into your home and trapping warm air inside during winter months—lovely accents for any decorating style.


  • They are durable due to the cotton fabric
  • They offer a significant amount of privacy
  • They provide maximum privacy 


  • This fabric is a bit too delicate; it can’t be dry cleaned

VHC Burlap Natural Curtain: Best Premium Burlap Curtains

VHC Burlap

The VHC brand burlap natural curtain panel set is perfect for combining rustic texture with clean lines. These panels are unlined and made of 100% cotton burlap to give your windows a farmhouse look that will never go out of style. The tan color will let in the light without being too see-through so that you can sleep easily at night.

These gently plump curtain panels are perfect for achieving an airy, country atmosphere in the bedroom. You can choose your own colors by slipping one of the standard size rod pockets onto the place where you want it on your window frame so you can customize what kind of look suits your tastes best.

Not sure how to give your bedroom or living room an update? The VHC burlap curtains got you covered. These tan panels give your windows a rustic look that will have everyone scratching their heads, wondering where you got them. 


  • They come with rod pockets
  • They are pocket friendly
  • Easy to install


  • The weave tends to tighten when washed

Burlap Blackout Curtain: Best Burlap Blackout Curtain

Burlap Blackout

We are introducing the blacked-out premium blackout curtains, perfect for those homeowners who need to keep the outside world’s light and noise at bay. Decorative fabric with a subtle black and white texture drapes beautifully without looking bulky. 

Don’t fret about glare from sunlight or hearing every move your neighbor makes – these curtains block the traffic and lock in heat (think of it like insulation) during frigid winter months. These look great lined up on an ironing board, pinned back at the side of a double bed anywhere you want total privacy. 

We encourage you to call today for this durable but delicate addition that you will enjoy long into the future with simplistic style and surprising density.


  • They are versatile and multifunctional
  • They match easily with other decors
  • They are durable

How to Style Burlap Curtains

Curtains Bulrap

Styling burlap curtains can be challenging because there are so many options for you to try. Here are some tips that will help ensure your style turns out perfectly.

Go High When the Windows Go Low

Windows are a focal point in the room, and burlap curtains accentuate these elements by hanging them high and wide. This makes windows look twice as significant while also lifting your space for an added sense of height/heightened grandeur.

Match Your Burlap Curtains to the Wall Color

If you’re looking to achieve the most stunning effect, consider matching your burlap curtains with either lighter or darker tones of your wall color. A great way to make this look deliberate is by choosing a specific shade identical to one on the wall. This will give an understated beauty element and complete elegance in every possible sense.

Pool Your Burlap Curtains

To achieve a stunning look, hang your burlap curtains so they puddle two to three inches on the floor. It will create a stunning carefree effect in even the most sophisticated of spaces.  To pool your drapes for bohemian style, simply let them fall onto or just above carpeting that is at least 2-3″ thick when you lower them from their rod rings before hanging with drapery pins and hooks.

Allow More Light

Burlap Curtains 1

Rather than opting for blackout burlap curtains, choose sheer fabrics that allow the natural sunlight to stream into your room. This will create a casual and breezy vibe in your space.

Factors to Consider When Buying Burlap Curtains


The key to getting great results when hanging burlap curtains is measuring the space where you’ll place them. In fact, a perfectly measured room can make your home seem bigger and give it an overall more polished appearance.

When shopping for burlap curtains, there are two necessary measurements to consider. The first is the length of the fabric needed to cover a particular window or wall space, which should include any extra material required to make pleats along each side.

The second primary measurement when buying burlap panels is width—this includes both size and additional fabric necessary for making folds down either side of your curtain panel(s). 

When measuring windows that have multiple tiers (i.e., divided into sections by wooden muntins), it’s best practice not only to measure one tier but all three separate parts together before cutting out your pieces.


Burlap Curtains

Choosing the correct burlap curtain colors for any room is probably one of the most challenging choices you’ll have to make. The color will influence every other factor, so you must choose wisely. A well-chosen color can turn a drab room into an inviting oasis or help create more light in small spaces by reflecting natural sunlight through your window if chosen correctly.


If you are looking for functional benefits, burlap curtains can be beneficial. They provide insulation and privacy to your home while keeping light out.

Burlap curtains not only have a decorative effect on the room they’re placed in but also function as great insulators that help keep heat or cold from getting into (or leaving) your house. If you want maximum functionality, these kinds of drapes will work well with what is already there.


One of the most significant factors when choosing burlap curtains is your specific curtain budget. The price can be based on all of the factors we’ve now talked about, including size, color, and functionality. Keep these in mind to help you choose a final product that fits within your financial means without sacrificing style or quality.


Question: Are Burlap Curtains Good?

Answer: Ues, burlap curtains are good. The open-weave fabric gives the rustic quality but reduces the light that filters in. This is a good option for bedrooms, media rooms, and nurseries because it brings warmth and texture to your decor without breaking the bank.

Question: Is Burlap Water Resistant?

Answer: Burlap is considered to be an anti-moisture fabric, meaning that its contents are unable to absorb moisture. This makes burlap the perfect material for making shopping bags that you can repeatedly use without needing disposable plastic or paper sacks.

Question: How Do You Soften Burlap Curtains?

Answer: You can soften a burlap curtain by tossing it in your dryer. Set the heat to medium and let it run until it’s scorched that you can use repeatedly.

Question: Can You Bleach Burlap Curtains?

Answer: Yes, burlap curtains can be bleached. For a lighter look, try applying some diluted bleach to the burlap. However, be careful since too much bleaching can damage your material. You should also test out this process on a small swatch first before going all-in scorched with it to see what effect it has on the whole piece of cloth.

Question: What Are Burlap Curtains Made From?

Answer: Natural burlap is a type of fabric made from natural fibers, such as flax and hemp. However, it can also be made in jute fabrics derived from a plant called the jute plant.


With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which burlap curtains are best for you. Even if you find a style that meets your needs and preferences, other factors are essential before buying burlap curtains.

We’ve outlined some of these critical points above for your convenience. Whether you need outdoor or indoor curtains, we hope this information will help guide you in making an informed decision about what type of curtain is suitable for both your home and your budget.

Our top pick is the Primitive Burlap curtains because they are easy to install, clean, and easily match other home decors. They are also durable, functional as well as elegant!

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