The 7 Best Amazon Curtains Ranked

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We all want the best for our homes, and that includes having high-quality curtains. Curtains are a great way to add character to any room while providing privacy or light control. But how do you know what kind of curtain is going to work best for you?

 That’s where we come in! We’ve ranked the top 7 Amazon curtains based on quality, durability, and price, so your next purchase will be perfect!

Here, we’ve reviewed the best Amazon curtains for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and your baby’s room. We’ve also included a buying guide on the best curtains for your room depending on color, material, and so much more.

Top 7 Best Amazon Curtains Ranked

Nicetown Bedroom Full Blackout 

Nicetown Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain: Best Curtains for Bedroom

Curtain: Best Curtains for Bedroom

Give your bedrooms the nicest naptime with NICETOWN Full Bedroom Blackout Curtain. 

This 2-paneled curtain is designed for your bedroom, with a durable 100% polyester fabric and a blackout lining to keep the sun out. With room-temperature balancing capabilities, these drapes are perfect whether you’re trying to get some light inside or keep it outside! 

You’ll never have to worry about any unwanted noise when they are drawn for total soundproofing. The NICETOWN curtains will also not fall apart in the washer because their triple weave design resists fading. 

Offering more than just good quality, they come in a wide variety of different colors and sizes, so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.


  • Strong, durable material that’s machine-friendly
  • Come in various sizes and colors
  • Heavy material blocks sound, sun, and even the cold


  • There are complaints about them wrinkling after putting them in the washer. You can sort this by ironing them.

Nicetown Blackout Curtain: Best Curtains for Girl’s Room

Nicetown Blackout Curtain: Best Curtains for Girl's Room

Every girl needs a room she loves to call her own, and with NICETOWN blackout panels, you can have that in a snap. With a measure of 29 in breadth and 45 in length, the Blackout suspends cutely in your space and comes with ease during installation.

Nicetown Blackout Curtains For Girls Room are a great way to achieve an early bedtime and make room for teen girls as comfortable as it is stylish. 

The two-panel package helps reduce excess light, sound, heat, and distractions, allowing for improved sleep quality, daytime alertness, and decreased risk of experiencing social jet lag. 

As your child strides into their teenage years or gets ready to leave the nest, these blackout curtain panels will help them seamlessly transition from tween life to full-fledged womanhood. 

The Blackout curtains are the perfect blend of style and function. The wrinkles disappear after washing, not to mention that they can handle ironing. They would be great in any room because you can mix different colors with them without worrying about color clashes.


  • Brightens your room
  • Sound and light blocking material
  • Thick and durable material


  • The material is lighter at the top, and this allows some light to pass through.

BGment Blackout Curtains: Best Curtains for Living Room

BGment Blackout Curtains: Best Curtains for Living Room

With these curtains, you’ll be able to nap like a baby. Watch TV in peace without worrying about the light. These curtains can block out 75%-85% sunlight and UV rays while insulating against summer heat and winter chill to balance your room temperature. No more flipping on AC while you’re trying to enjoy a tv movie night with your significant other.

Reduce outside noise levels by up to 65%. These BGment Blackout Curtains are perfect for blocking outside noise in a home theater room or bedroom. But don’t think they’re only restricted to entertainment rooms – decorate any bare walls with this sophisticated blend of color.

Best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger – just wash them with laundry bleach or white vinegar for cool colors and soap for pastels.


  • The curtains are easy to install
  • Material is soft and easy to wash
  • Block away light and cold


  • Less density compared to close competitors

LEMOMO Thermal Blackout Curtains

LEMOMO Thermal Blackout Curtains

Who needs blackout blinds when you have these beautiful curtains? LEMOMO Thermal Blackout Curtains provide the same level of protection from light and temperature extremes yet also allow natural light in. 

Say goodbye to summer and winter with these ultra-modern thermal curtains. They’re perfect for any climate or season, ticking off all your bedroom needs. They are smooth on the touch without sacrificing privacy, thanks to triple weave technology.

Made from 100% polyester fabric, these curtains are durable.

LEMOMO Beige Thermal Blackouts are also incredibly easy to clean – just toss them in your washing machine when it’s time for deep cleaning.


  • They are wrinkle and fade resistant
  • Can be cleaned in the washer
  • A wide array of colors to choose from


  • The plastic rings may not appeal to most buyers

NICETOWN Small Kitchen Windows Curtains: Best Kitchen Curtains

NICETOWN Small Kitchen Windows Curtains: Best Kitchen Curtains

With them being relatively cheap, the NICETOWN curtains are also something to be added to your house. Packed with twelve grommets, they also come two, measuring 42 inches in width and 37.2 in length. With a wide color range, Biscotti has you covered.

Sunlight exposure is something these curtains cater for well, and also, the costs in your house will reduce since it acts as a coolant giving you a good rest even at night. Like others, these curtains are wrinkle-free, and both sides look the same to balance heat circulations.

They are thread-trimmed, which means washing them is not an arduous task. But before buying the curtains, it is advisable to know the measure of your window to get the correct one. You can blend it with other colors, but it still looks good when installed alone. 


  • relatively cheap
  • Offer good light filtration
  • Easy to clean and wash


  • Only suitable for the kitchen 

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Tie Backs Set

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Tie Backs Set

Whether you’re preparing for a long day of sleep deprivation or an important meeting online, put your worries to rest with high-quality These Amazon Basics room darkening blackout window curtains. These guarantee total darkness, and soundproofing will reduce outside noise. 

You’ll never have to worry about light leaks, waking up earlier than normal because someone has left the curtains open again, or feeling guilty about stealing more hours from your valuable sleep thanks to these dorm-room-worthy blackout curtains. 

They have two panels per set that fit any rod with easy brass grommets that won’t damage walls when using decorative rods like finials. They are constructed of thick triple-weave fabric coated with a heavy-duty black coating. 


  • They can be ironed, just under low heat
  • Suitable for energy regulation and insulation
  • Easy to clean and wash


  • Complaints about the curtains being too short

Rutterllow Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Rutterllow Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Save your eyes with Rutterllow blackout curtains . Wake up early or stay in bed while these light-blocking curtains will cut out the glare. 

Stay warm on winter nights and cool on summer days – insulate to keep your house at a perfect temperature all year long.

This heavy liner won’t let noise from outside get through, either; you’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing no one will bother you until coffee time.

 Change the colors of these roller blinds with just a spin of the wheel; use multiple types of materials depending on what project’s got you working late at night.


  • good for sun blockage
  • Ability to regulate heat
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Colors are limited to darker shades

Factors to Consider When Buying Curtains from Amazon

Being that curtains offer a taste of touch and personality, there are some things you should consider before hitting the store to pick one. So what are these you need to consider?

Design of the Room

Best Amazon Curtains

The curtains in your home can make or break the room’s design. Shop well to find a set that coordinates with what you’ve already got going on, and consider these things;

Color Palette

Did you want something super cheerful? What about more neutral colors for balance? 


Pattern choice is also important; do you have geometric patterns all over my living space (maybe not always a good idea), or are you looking for some nature scenes up high, so they’re visible from down below?

Window Size

Consider the size of your windows when it comes to selecting which curtain panels will be best suited.

Color of the Curtain

The importance of color when buying curtains from Amazon cannot be overlooked. When looking at the varying colors on offer, you need to consider what will suit your home and which room it is going in most so that you can find a match with which ever paint there might be as well. 

For instance, neutral-tone sets would work best if your walls have an intense tone or are all white. Try matching them up against pastels such as light blue or green for creamier tones, while those who want more vibrant hues should look into rich reds or bright yellows like tangerine orange.

Unique Features of the Curtain

Unique Features of the Amazon Curtain

Often, curtains are used as a decoration or fashion statement. However, the best ones offer more than a beautiful appearance. Go for the ones that will keep out drafts and regulate the temperature in your surrounding. 

Consider features such as heat-reflection that can help cut down utility costs during summer months while maintaining an optimal temperature with their reflection of sunlight. Meanwhile, heavy wintertime cold is no match for thermal regulation if thermal insulated curtains provide up to 67% better insulation against external temperatures.

Product Ratings

When you’re shopping for curtains, it’s important to make sure that what you buy is not only aesthetically pleasing but also of high quality. Online shopping sites like Amazon are great at providing ratings on current products and reviews from past buyers, so customers know exactly what they’ll be getting before making their purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Will I Know This Is The Best Curtain For My Living Room?

Answer: Deciding on the perfect living room is not easy, but it can be done with some help and a few tips. The first thing to do would be to determine what size you need for your window. Measure or make use of measurements from experts to avoid disappointments later on down the road.

The choice that seems like the best fit will differ depending upon who is judging. Seek out feedback before making any decisions.

Question: What should I Consider When Choosing a Curtain for my House?


Ease of Maintenance 

You should carefully consider what fabric you want to bring into your home. Curtains are beautiful, but they also require a lot of care because the fabrics can be hard to maintain. For example, velvet and silk need dry cleaning while linen and cotton don’t have that requirement. 
If you do not wish for dirty curtains on your walls, it would be best to get one made from material with low maintenance requirements, such as polyester. So that in the future, when the dust settles onto them all over again – which is inevitable – there will only ever be less dirt built up rather than more.

Light Projection

Different types of curtains are needed depending on where you live. For example, if the sun shines through your bedroom window in the morning and it is too bright or dark, then a standard curtain might not be best for that situation. This is because sunlight can create an illusion of more space than there really is. 

Question: What is the Best Material for Curtains

Answer: The best type of curtains can be very subjective. Some people prefer the look and feel of cotton, while others might want to go with synthetic materials such as canvas due to allergies in their household. If you are looking at long-term wearability, 100% polyester is considered the best.

The choice of what material you should use when making your own curtains is a personal one. It will largely depend on your preferences and needs within the home’s environment. There are plenty of options available so do some research before choosing which style would suit you better.

Question: What Should Curtains Match?

Answer: Curtains should be coordinated with other décor in a room, such as paint colors or fabric patterns. If they don’t coordinate, it can make an awkward design and distract from what is being displayed.
It’s best to avoid having contrasting styles on adjacent walls so that one wall no longer seems like just another part of the interior structure but instead becomes a focal point.

Question: What is the Best Color for Curtains?

Answer: Curtain color is a matter of preference, and there are many different opinions on the subject. What do you like?
For those who like vibrant tones mixed with serenity, yellow might be perfect! But if cool grayscale shades give off more appeal than warm oranges, do not fret. Gray can create a sense of elegance while also cooling down any bedroom when it’s at its hottest outside during the summer months.


Amazon offers a wide variety of curtains, so you can be sure to find the one that is perfect for your needs. The energy-saving features also matter and should not go overlooked when looking for curtains.

Amazon has all sorts of curtain types available, too; from living room window treatments to kitchen drapes or bedroom sunshades, they have it all.

When buying curtains, consider material, color, and additional features such as blackout. You’ll also need to consider the room color and decor to ensure the curtains are a perfect fit.

Still unsure of what to go with? We recommend the Nicetown Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain. They are 100% blackout, come in a wide range of colors, and can help a great deal with thermal regulation and heat reduction.

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