Top 12 Patio Door Curtain Ideas You’ll Love

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Do you know what makes a house feel like home? A well-curated front porch. The same goes for your back patio door. We got some great patio door curtain ideas you could try out.

If your patio door is looking a little bit bare these days, it might be time to give it some attention. You could head to the nearest big box store and pick out just about any kind of curtain you can find.

This way, you’ll have lots of options for changing up the look of your space whenever you need. But if you want something more personalized or unique, we’ve got some ideas for curtains that will work well in any home.

Here are our top twelve patio door curtain ideas;

Top 12 Patio Door Curtain Ideas

1. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

You might not think about it much, but having your patio doors open all day is like leaving them wide open for burglars. Instead, install blackout curtains on either side because they don’t just keep unwanted guests away; they also help regulate the amount of light coming in.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

Indoor/outdoor curtains are much more versatile than indoor-only or outdoor-only curtains. For example, if your patio door is near a swimming pool or other water source, it may be wise to choose an indoor/outdoor curtain for protection from the elements and mildew.

 Indoor/outdoors curtains offer UV protection in addition to being waterproof.

3. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the perfect way to allow natural light into your home, giving it a fresh and inviting feel. You could hang them over patio doors or sliding glass windows or on their own in an open space where they can provide some privacy without blocking out all of the sunlight. They’re also great for making any room look more elegant by adding color and pattern that complements surrounding decor pieces while also creating contrast with neutral colors like white walls.

4. Layered Curtains

Layered Curtains

Layered curtains offer a great way to filter light in your home. Curtains with sheer layers can also provide the designer look you’re going for while matching your room’s style or color theme.

For added privacy and control, add vertical blinds between two sets of layered curtains so that they open up like doors.

5. Thermal Curtains

When looking for a new way to keep cool in the summer, many people turn their attention towards doors. With patio and sliding glass door models being so popular these days, it only makes sense that thermal curtains would be on top of everyone’s list.

These are great because they offer dual protection from both heat and cold drafts coming through your windows. They can also reduce noise levels by up to 99% when closed, which is perfect if you work late hours or have sleeping children nearby who need uninterrupted rest.

6. Sheer Vertical Shades

Sheer Vertical Shades are the new rage in window coverings. They combine both curtains and vertical blinds, giving you exclusive aesthetics of curtains with the functionality of blinds. These shades can be either semi-opaque or opaque, depending on your desire to produce a warm glow from natural sunlight. They also have cordless vanes for ultimate convenience as well as adjustable features that provide perfect privacy when desired.

Sheer vertical shades are custom designed to fit your patio door. They come in such a wide variety of options, from textures and prints to colors, that you’ll indeed find something perfect for your taste. 

7. Sliding Panels

Sliding panel curtains

Sliding panel curtains work best when you have large windows or patio doors. The blinds, situated on the vertical panels of your sliding door, move across to cover and uncover as needed for privacy in a room or sunlight into your home. The best thing about sliding panel curtains is that you can open them up more by opening less curtain space with just one touch. You could use a wand, cord loop, or even a motorized control.

The fabric used will give an impressive style statement while also being lightweight enough. Therefore, they’re easy to maintain and clean repeatedly without damage from wear-and-tear such as snags. A variety of colors are available, making them easier to match any palette design choice. Even customizations are possible based on desired aesthetically – whether extra length or width or certain color patterns throughout the material.

8. Vertical Blinds

Blinds are often thought of as a perfect solution to keep windows protected from the elements. But did you know that they can also be used for patio doors? You might not need curtains anymore.

Vertical blinds were traditionally installed in spaces like offices and schools. Their ability to provide privacy while allowing light inside has caught on with homeowners looking for creative curtain ideas. Vertical blinds work well when paired up against floor-to-ceiling glass doors or large sliding patio doors because they protect your space without blocking out natural light completely. Just enough light, so it feels like daytime all day long!

9. Vertical Cellular Shades

The perfect solution for your large patio door is the vertical cellular shades. They are designed to ensure that you have a suitable temperature in any room and also offer insulation by preventing air from escaping or entering due primarily to their design. 

In addition, they can help you control privacy and light with four lighting options: blackout, room darkening, sheer curtains, or light filtering curtains. Sheer curtains allow some light through but still keep out prying eyes, while light filtering curtains let natural sunlight enter while ensuring minimal visibility inside the home. 

10. French Door Curtains

French Door Curtains

Designers never created a better way to have your entire outdoor living space open than French door curtains. These beautiful draperies beautifully fill the patio panes and invite you outdoors while still keeping it private from prying eyes, all in one simple design!

French door curtains are perfect for those who want to enjoy their outside without sacrificing privacy or elegance of style. There’s also no need for an additional curtain rod because they hang on either side of the doors, making installation as easy as pie (or should I say croissant?)

Gorgeous fabrics like silk or velvet give an air of sophistication and understated luxury at home no matter what time season is present.

11. Wood Shade Curtains

Woody looks are always trendy, and you can never go wrong with them in home décor. If using wood is part of the style that’s been chosen inside the house, it would also be a good idea to have it on the outside where it’s needed most: as curtains for a patio door. 

There are many shades available made from natural woods such as bamboo (which doesn’t retain water), pine (hardwood so resistant to decay), or reeds/grasses which mimic those found naturally outdoors but without all their inherent problems like bugs and mold growth. 

These types of curtain designs will allow an eco-friendly touch while still matching both vertical and horizontal applications.

12. Drapery Curtains

Drapery Curtains

Drapery is an excellent way to create the feeling of luxury at home! Not only will it provide that sense of extravagance, but it also looks great while doing so by dressing up any patio selection from something simple into high-class living spaces without spending too much money. 

Draperies are also easy to change, so if it’s time for something new – go ahead and swap them out with some curtains that better suit you.

Factors to Consider When Buying Patio Door Curtains

If you’re looking to buy curtains for your patio door, consider the following factors:

Color of the Room

The first thing you should take into consideration before buying your new set of fabric for your patio doors is the colors that will best suit what’s inside and outside them. 

The natural light pouring in from these openings determines how much warmth they’ll provide you with on colder days – especially if it happens to be reflecting off any white surfaces or furniture in the space too.

For rooms where there isn’t an abundance of colorful decorating items on display, darkening shades might not work so well as lighter ones do.

Color of the Curtains

Careful consideration should be given to the color of your curtains when buying patio door curtains. Consider what colors create a soothing, inviting atmosphere in your home and use that as inspiration for which pigment you choose.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient or eco-friendly option, go with light pastels that won’t absorb as much heat from the sun during the summer months. If, instead, it’s wintertime blues will keep more cold air outside of your home while letting in sunlight through.

Fabric/ Material

Do you want to be able to see outside? Or do you prefer a complete blackout curtain, blocking the light and potential passersby from your porch or patio? The material that curtains are made of can make all of those decisions for you. 

Durable fabrics like canvas will still let in some sunshine through their weave if they’re left open, while silk is perfect as an opaque fabric shielding onlookers’ eyes from what’s inside.

What you choose for your curtain fabric will also depend on the climate where you live and how much light is coming through your window. If it’s a cold area, then heavier curtains with thicker material are best to block out drafts that can come from an open door. But if it’s hot outside, lighter fabrics like linen may be more appropriate because they’ll keep heat inside during warm times of year but let sunlight into the room when needed as well.

How Much Light You Need from Outside

Do you need a lot of light? Patio curtains can help with that. Depending on the color and material, they block out more or less sunlight while still allowing in some natural light from outside through them, which is perfect if you want privacy but enough daylight inside as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Should patio door curtains touch the floor?

Answer: Curtains should always be long enough to reach the ground. With a few exceptions, longer curtain lengths are generally considered more stylish and elegant than short ones. That is why most standard ready-made curtains come pre-sewn with lengthy hems – but this isn’t true for every decorating style out there.

Question: How much wider should the curtain be than the door?

Answer: Door curtains are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. There’s no such rulebook that says what width they should be. However, there is some general advice you can follow to make your choice easier and more informed.

In general, it is better to have them 2-2.5 times wider than your doorway size.


We hope you’ve found these patio door curtain ideas helpful and that they have given you a few new ideas to try. Remember, the best way to know which designs work best for your home is by experimenting with different colors, patterns, or styles of curtains. It may take some time before you find what works for you, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Consider the material, color of the room and curtain, and how much sun exposure is needed when shopping for patio door curtains so that they complement both your surroundings and personal style.

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