Best Bed Bath and Beyond Curtains: Top 7 Picks

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Having the right curtains in your home can make a big difference. With Bed Bath and Beyond’s Curtains, you’re sure to find something that will work for you and your space. 

The best part is they have designs to fit any style or budget! Whether it’s modern, chic, traditional, or vintage-style decorating, there are affordable curtain styles for every taste. From blackout curtains to kitchen window treatments and more, you’ll find what you need at Bed Bath & Beyond!

All of the curtains we list in our recommendations were chosen based on specific criteria. The criteria we used to make these decisions include pricing, quality of materials, and availability at All Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

So which are the best Bed Bath Beyond Curtains?

Best Curtain for Living Room: Quinn Grommet Blackout Window Curtain


The living room is a very personal space. It tells you more about your personality than any other place in the house. It often reflects what’s on our minds during certain periods, such as when we are feeling good or blue. But it also says something important to those around us – how much care was taken with this space? How do they feel welcome here? 

The best way to create an inviting atmosphere that speaks volumes without saying anything at all is through Bed Bath & Beyond curtains like the Quinn Grommet Blackout Window Curtain.

These come in many different colors and styles, so you can find one that matches perfectly with not only your home but who lives there, too – perfect for anyone looking to start fresh after winter break.

Do you know when you need a little privacy and some curtains that can block the light? Well, these Quinn Grommet Curtains are just what you’re looking for! 

These polyester-made curtains come in many different colors to help match your living room’s design. Not only do they reduce sound by up to 70%, but they also provide more warmth with their thermal backing of 100%. Besides all those great qualities about these curtains, they come with a felt caddy pocket and two over hooks on top of doors making installation quick and easy.


  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • 100% polyester
  • Absorbs and regulates light penetration


  • Block light out, so if you’re looking for a curtain that lets light in during the day without opening them up, these won’t allow for that

Best Curtain for Bedroom: Quinn Medallion Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel

Quinn Medallion

The bedroom is one of the places where our privacy is guaranteed, which means that your window curtains should be top-notch to protect this aspect. 

Bed Bath and Beyond offer you a great variety in their  Quinn Medallion Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel. With 108-, 95-, 84- or 63 panels available and different colors from white to khaki green, there’s something for everyone. 

Crafted exquisitely by curling an elegant medallion at each end, these curtains are functional and have a classic elegance to them.

Your bedroom deserves to be a sanctuary of serenity. The Quinn Medallion is designed with care and precision, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years without any worries about wear or tear. It’s easy to wash and maintain thanks to its grommets. 

Enjoy free flow of light through this medallion as well as comfort with each purchase at any one time.


  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Blocks noise


  • Unique care instructions

Best Curtains for Bathroom: Hookless Waffle 45-inch Window Curtain

Hookless Waffle


Why settle for mundane, monotonous bathrooms when you can luxuriate in the beauty of your own bathroom with Bed Bath’s Hookless Waffle 45-Inch Window Curtain? At 36 inches and 45 inches long, these curtains are made from 100% polyester that ensures durability. 

The best part is the installation! With split rings to hang them on, as well as an inflex ring that pops in place instead of requiring rods to be removed each time a curtain needs cleaning – it couldn’t get any better than this.

The Bed Bath and Beyond Hookless Waffle 45-Inch Bath Window Curtain is the perfect addition to your bathroom. These curtains come in a variety of colors, so you can find just what fits best with your decorating needs or style preferences. The translucent fabric allows light to shine through while also providing privacy for those moments that need it most!


  • Durable due to the 100% polyester
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to wash (machine)


  • Wrinkles and wears out if washed by other means. (only machine washable)

Best Curtain for  Kitchen: Quinn Grommet Kitchen Window Curtain

Quinn Grommet

Adding a touch of glamour to your kitchen space with the Quinn Grommet Kitchen Window Curtain Tier Pair is as easy as can be. The curtains are made from polyester and linen, which gives them an elegant, royal look that will fill any room. 

Top-tier grommets ensure they fit well on any window frame; if one curtain alone doesn’t suit you, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering two or more tiers separately.

You can machine wash these beautiful fabric drapes, meaning even when it comes time to clean up after cooking or baking, this task won’t put too much strain on our busy schedules. 

One of the many benefits of choosing Quinn Grommet windows curtains is that they let in natural light. This can help brighten up your kitchen and give it a more cheerful feel. The quality materials also act as an excellent heat insulator, meaning you won’t have to worry about wasting energy or experiencing discomfort from excessive temperatures during hot days.


  • Blend with any color choice 
  • Good for light penetration and heat regulation
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Keeps heat in the room, which is bad if you live in a hot area

Best Hookless Curtains: Hookless Escape 2 Pack Window Curtain Panels and The Hookless Ikat

Hookless Escape

Hookless curtains are an inexpensive and easy way to spruce up your bathroom decor. These 2-panel Hookless Escape Window Curtain Panels come with a water-resistant fabric that does not require any hooks for installation on the rod, making it convenient when you need quick changes. Or when you want to change things up without having hassle getting all tangled in traditional curtain rods.


  • Easy to install; no hooks 
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Wide range of colors to choose from


  • Limited stocks

Best Valance Curtains: Quinn Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panel and Valances

Quinn Grommet Blackout

With them coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can be assured that they have an elegant view when it comes to your windows. Not only do they add beauty to your house, but valances can also be intermixed with curtains to make the home more beautiful. If you want valances, what direction should you look?

The best place for this is Best Bath and Beyond! They offer one of their top Valance curtains, Quinn Grommet Top Blackout Window Curtain Panel & Valance, made out of 100% polyester. 

The thin blackout liner will keep light from getting through while thermoregulation keeps heat or cold outside where it belongs.

Quinn Grommet Top Blackout Window Curtain Panel and Valance is a great way to block out the light without compromising your style. These curtains are perfect for any room in your home, measuring 63 inches long by 54 inches wide. They come pre-sewn with grommets on top, so you can hang them right away!


  • Come in different shapes and sizes
  • Allow light penetration
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Machine wash only

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Curtains 


Fabric and Color

The type of curtain you choose will significantly impact how welcoming and elegant your house looks. To help get started on narrowing down what might work best for you, it is essential first to consider fabrics. Natural fibers like cotton or linen traditionally give off an airy feel, while synthetic materials come in more vibrant colors but have less texture than their natural counterparts. 

Lining and Length

The length of the curtains you are purchasing matters a lot. You don’t want to buy a curtain, and then when you fit it up on your window, find out that it’s just not long enough.

When buying blinds or any other kind of draperies for windows in your home or office building for business purposes, you must have all measurements calculated down before even going into the store.

The lining also plays a vital role in keeping fabrics intact. Without one, many materials can fray over time, making them look less attractive and degrade their function entirely.

Dry Clean only vs Machine Washer Friendly

Traditional and some may consider outdated, but still very popular cleaning instructions are often material-specific. Material is a factor in washing because it dictates what temperature to wash at or if they require dry clean only status.

When it comes to washing curtains, there are three options. You can hand wash and hang them out in the sun for a day which will remove any odors present on your fabric. Or you can throw these into the washer with cold water and mild detergent until they have been thoroughly rinsed before leaving them outside to dry.

When choosing between hand-washing or machine-washing your window treatments, consider their specific instructions as well as what is best for each type of curtain material (cotton vs. polyester). 

Color of Room 

Many people overlook the effect of color when it comes to choosing curtains for their homes. Why not consider some colors that can make your space look larger or more inviting?

Choosing a shade of curtain is one way you can accentuate and enhance an area in your home. By considering what type of mood you are trying to create and taking into account whether or not there’s natural light entering through windows, deciding on window coverings becomes easier than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which are the best-fabric Curtains?

Answer: Best curtains are made from cotton and polyester since they are known for their durability and work flexibly well with any window. Each fabric in the market has its characteristics, and some are superior to others when it comes to performance.

If you are looking for a curtain that brings out modernity in your house, you can opt for linen fabrics. Expensive taste is always brought out by silk fabric, and if you want to feel like royalty, they are the best option for a more glamorous look.

Question: Are Curtains and Drapes Similar?

Answer: Not quite, people always confuse the two, but there is a big difference between them.
Curtains are lighter than drapes, considering the fabrics used to manufacture the two. Curtains are mostly made from polyester and cotton, while drapes are made from heavy fabrics like silk and velvet. Once you understand the purpose will serve you, telling the difference will be easier.

Question: Are there Instances When you don’t Need Curtains?

Answer: Well, this solely depends on how you want your house to look. Some people don’t want curtains on their windows since they might be living in the city where there is a nice view or by the lakeside.

Some houses might be fitted with windows that look even cuter without curtains, and the thought might cross one’s mind and not have curtains.

Also, some places might be having little natural light coming in, and the light filtration might be low. This might require them not to install curtains.

Question: Are Bed Bath and Beyond Curtains Good Quality?

Answer: This is not a simple question to answer. Some say they have great prices on some items, while others find them expensive for what you get in return, as with many other stores. The bottom line seems to be that it depends on your needs from an individual standpoint. 

We can, however, commend them because;

They come in different materials, such as cotton voile and silk, so there should be something that matches well with what you want. There is also an excellent variety of colors, which means that their designs will complement one another no matter what palette theme you choose.


The idea of decorating your home with window coverings is daunting. You’ve got to find the right style, color, and fabric that will work for you. And then, there are so many choices it may feel like an impossible task.

Bed Bath and Beyond understand the importance of windows in a household. That’s why they offer window treatments that will give your home or office an airy feeling to match your personality. From sheer curtains with beautiful designs for elegant rooms to blackout curtains perfect for high-traffic areas, whatever you’re looking for, Bed Bath and Beyond will have the best deal on them.

Out of all of the curtains on this list, we’d highly recommend the Quinn Grommet Blackout Window Curtains. Not only are they light blocking and affordable, but there are tons of color options for you to choose from.

We hope this review on the best Best Bed Bath and Beyond Curtains will help narrow down your search for that perfect piece of window dressing.

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